Steven Harris

[Steven Harris]

Poems of Steven Harris

141. Where Am I 5/11/2013
142. Wheres The Beer. 6/6/2013
143. Whiskey 6/23/2013
144. Who Am I 5/11/2013
145. Who To Admire 4/24/2013
146. Will I Be Remembered 6/15/2013
147. Wonder Where It All Went Wrong. 3/23/2013
148. Words Cant Hide Forever. 4/8/2013
149. Yes Sir 3/20/2013
150. You Can Try. 3/23/2013
151. Zombie Earth. 7/1/2013

Yes Sir

Yes sir of course i'll do that
i'll clean your shoes sir, no problem
anything else?
oh, yes i will lick this shit off the floor
of course i'll do everything
of course i'll follow you
yes i will do everything you say
im in your complete command
yes sir, your the one whos in control

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