Wilfred Mellers

Veteran Poet - 1,108 Points (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Wilfred Mellers Poems

41. By A Tranquil Lake 9/11/2008
42. By Any Other Name 10/5/2009
43. Chasing The Dream Like The Breeze 11/7/2010
44. Chocolate Dream 5/31/2014
45. Clearance 11/26/2013
46. Concept Of We 3/15/2014
47. Costing Dearly 7/23/2011
48. Credulous 2/14/2016
49. Dancing The Mambo 12/13/2011
50. Day Of The Dread 3/4/2012
51. December’s Cry 3/24/2008
52. Decision Approximate The Manifesto Of In Toleration 3/14/2014
53. Dense Is The Forest That Grows 4/19/2011
54. Despondent Child 10/26/2009
55. Devotion 7/19/2010
56. Dine 12/6/2013
57. Distant Is My Salvation 3/20/2012
58. Drifting On A Memory 8/20/2009
59. Elicit The Love Affair 10/3/2015
60. Empress And Queen Sister 3/20/2014
61. Erotica Maximum 4/1/2007
62. Even If 3/26/2008
63. Faded Dreams 11/18/2012
64. Fare Thee Well Tata 12/6/2013
65. Feels So Good 12/4/2013
66. Fertile Garden 11/18/2013
67. Fight The Good Fight 3/24/2007
68. Foolish Boys With Their Toys 11/23/2012
69. For Every Up There Must Be A Downside 10/16/2009
70. For Heaven Sake 1/5/2011
71. For Today Is Your Birthday 11/17/2011
72. For You I'Ll Fly In The Sky 11/18/2011
73. Forever After 11/14/2008
74. Forever Now 9/10/2008
75. Found A Dream 8/15/2014
76. Fractured Thoughts 11/10/2008
77. From The Cradle 11/24/2013
78. Fruitfully Sweet 2/13/2014
79. Gentle As The Rain 11/16/2013
80. Gideon Soldiers 8/10/2015
Best Poem of Wilfred Mellers

I Also Rise (Homage To Maya Angelou)

I have been used, abused, mistreated, and even overheated, but still I also rise
I have been denied, compromised, and even ostracized, but yet I still also rise
I have been called outdated, jaded, and mutilated, but here I still also rise
I have been hated, mentally castrated, looted, and even been uprooted, but still I also rise

I have been scorned, adorned, and reborn, but yet I still also rise
I have been beaten up, beaten down, and almost ended up underground but yet I also still rise
I have been cheated on, crapped on, and walked on but yet I still also rise
I ...

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Fight The Good Fight

Pagans came to subjugate us with fables from there story books
Corrupt the mind of the innocent ones
Enslaved and took us to foreign lands
They took most of us abroad
They dropped some of us a yard
They said they saved us from a mundane life
Righteous people have to fight the good fight

So be though as it may

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