Wilfrid Scawen Blunt

(1840 - 1922 / England)

Poems of Wilfrid Scawen Blunt

381. The Wisdom Of Merlyn 4/13/2010
382. They Shall Not Know 4/13/2010
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385. Three Pictures Continued 4/13/2010
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387. To A Disciple Of William Morris 4/13/2010
388. To A Happy Warrior 4/13/2010
389. To Her Whose Name 4/13/2010
390. To Hester On The Stair 4/13/2010
391. To Manon, Comparing Her To A Falcon 4/13/2010
392. To Manon, on his Fortune in loving Her 1/4/2003
393. To Nimue 4/13/2010
394. To One In A Garden 4/13/2010
395. To One In A Hostile Camp 4/13/2010
396. To One Who Would Make A Confession 4/13/2010
397. To the Same 1/1/2004
398. Twenty Days 4/13/2010
399. Une Feuille Morte 4/13/2010
400. Whom The Gods Love 4/13/2010

Written at Florence

O WORLD, in very truth thou art too young;
When wilt thou learn to wear the garb of age?
World, with thy covering of yellow flowers,
Hast thou forgot what generations sprung
Out of thy loins and loved thee and are gone?
Hast thou no place in all their heritage
Where thou dost only weep, that I may come
Nor fear the mockery of thy yellow flowers?
   O world, in very truth thou art too young.

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