William Topaz McGonagall

(1830 - 1902 / Edinburgh / Scotland)

William Topaz McGonagall Poems

161. The Inauguration Of The University College 1/3/2003
162. The Irish Convict's Return 1/3/2003
163. The Kessack Ferry-Boat Fatality 1/3/2003
164. The Last Berkshire Eleven 1/3/2003
165. The Late Sir John Ogilvy 1/3/2003
166. The Little Match Girl 1/3/2003
167. The Loss Of The Victoria 1/3/2003
168. The Miraculous Escape Of Robert Allan, The Fireman 1/3/2003
169. The Moon 1/3/2003
170. The Newport Railway 1/3/2003
171. The Nithsdale Widow And Her Son 1/3/2003
172. The Pennsylvania Disaster 1/3/2003
173. The Queen's Jubilee Celebrations 1/3/2003
174. The Railway Bridge Of The Silvery Tay 1/3/2003
175. The Rattling Boy From Dublin 1/3/2003
176. The Rebel Surprise Near Tamai 1/3/2003
177. The Relief Of Mafeking 1/3/2003
178. The River Of Leith 1/3/2003
179. The Royal Review 1/3/2003
180. The Sorrows Of The Blind 1/3/2003
181. The Sprig Of Moss 1/3/2003
182. The Storming Of The Dargai Heights 1/3/2003
183. The Summary History Of Sir William Wallace 1/3/2003
184. The Sunderland Calamity 1/3/2003
185. The Tay Bridge Disaster 1/3/2003
186. The Terrific Cyclone Of 1893 1/3/2003
187. The Tragic Death Of The Rev. A.H. Mackonochie 1/3/2003
188. The Troubles Of Matthew Mahoney 1/3/2003
189. The Village Of Tayport And Its Surroundings 1/3/2003
190. The Wreck Of The Abercrombie Robinson 1/3/2003
191. The Wreck Of The Barque Lynton 1/3/2003
192. The Wreck Of The Barque Wm. Paterson Of Liverpool 1/3/2003
193. The Wreck Of The Columbine 1/3/2003
194. The Wreck Of The Indian Chief 1/3/2003
195. The Wreck Of The Steamer London 1/3/2003
196. The Wreck Of The Steamer Mohegan 1/3/2003
197. The Wreck Of The Steamer Stella 1/3/2003
198. The Wreck Of The Steamer Storm Queen 1/3/2003
199. The Wreck Of The Thomas Dryden 1/3/2003
200. The Wreck Of The Whaler Oscar 1/3/2003
Best Poem of William Topaz McGonagall

Women's Suffrage

Fellow men! why should the lords try to despise
And prohibit women from having the benefit of the parliamentary Franchise?
When they pay the same taxes as you and me,
I consider they ought to have the same liberty.

And I consider if they are not allowed the same liberty,
From taxation every one of them should be set free;
And if they are not, it is really very unfair,
And an act of injustice I most solemnly declare.

Women, farmers, have no protection as the law now stands;
And many of them have lost their property and lands,
And have been turned out of ...

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The Battle Of Atbara

Ye Sons of Great Britain, pray list to me,
And I'll tell ye of a great victory.
Where the British defeated the Dervishes, without delay,
At the Battle of Atbara, without dismay.

The attack took place, 'twas on the 8th of April, in the early morning dawn,
And the British behaved manfully to a man;
And Mahmud's front was raked fearfully, before the assault began,
By the disposition of the force under Colonel Long :

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