Dr. Ambedkar- Sun That Never Sets

i see a sun that never sets,
that enlighten inner quest,
by transcending hearts gate
to overcome lives fade

i see a sun that never sets,
burns stoically for the rest
to help achieve forbidden glory
of those lives gloomy


Amid so much of brouhaha
On the political front in India
Here's a real Good News-
From the God's own country.

Travancore Devaswom Board-
Which manages the affairs of
Sabarimala Temple-
(Shrine of Lord Ayyappa who is
Considered eternal celibate)

- Voice Of A Dalit Women

now hear the unheard cries
of dalit women plight
upper caste takes pride
humanity here despise
seeing the cruelty dies
of high caste females crucify
mercilessly their own gender
in the name of caste blunder
mutely supporting the plunder
of dalit women, who wonder

A Poem Dedicated To - Nirvaan

oh nirvaan! truly dearly you,
how should i tell you,
how much i love you,
i am your uncle,
you’re my nephew,
thats not all i have to tell you,
i can see in you,
astonishing wisdom and noble cue,

so i like to earnestly convey you,

Death of a Young Dalit

In memory of Rohith Vemula (1989-2016)

Trees are hoisted by their own shadows
 Air pours in from the north, cold air, stacks of it
The room is struck into a green fever
 Stained bed, book, scratched windowpane.
A twenty-six-year-old man, plump boy face
 Sets pen to paper - My birth
Is my fatal accident, I can never recover
 From my childhood loneliness.


The entity that is dreaded by all but ever present everywhere, a non-respecter of age,
Poverty does not have regard for race, nor nationality, as it is present in every part of the globe,
Poverty breeds diseases, it has siblings like misery, ignorance, illiteracy, dejection, rejection, degradation, agony,
Poverty means the difference between haves and have-nots, the rich and the poor, the upper and the lower class,
Poverty is a quick destroyer of human as it makes people ‘sell' lots of things including conscience, and destroys self-esteem,

‘bees Will Return To Hives! '

The Saffronization of India?
-Phulbani, Kandhammal, Orissa, India.
'Calm follows every storm;
But Christians must be calm! '

‘Where martyrs' blood be spilt,
More churches will be built!
Without much shame or guilt,
Fanatics hit the hilt'

Blame Game

Blame game

Power remains only in family name
They have established reign over national game
All institutions are named after their family
The congress is now confined to schemes so envisaged poorly

Speak against policies even fi they are welfare oriented?
Natural disaster too should be leveled
Against ruling party for natural wrath

Political Motives

They say
'like ideology ploitics is dead'

They argue
' this stravation, violence, crimes without faces
are all there but in a text'

They have similar arguments
about man, woman, black, white, dalit, brahmin
and about everything in the universe

Dalit Girl

I was born on a windy night-
When the clock stroke twelve
Under the starry sky,
In a tarpaulin covered tent.
Nothing new happened
Nothing changed
All seemed so very natural and plaintiff.
A woman from some old world
In shaking hands, with quivering voice
Declared my identity

Long Live Liberty

We are a people of peerless unity
Come what may we've pledged solidarity:
Though some of us may demand
A separate Dalit Land
It testifies only to our sheer diversity -
            Long live fraternity! !

Ours is a land of love affinity
Among all faiths now there is abiding amity:
Now Hindu, Muslim and Sikhs

What Does Dalit Signify It?

Dalit, Dalit is a word signifying
What is it trodden, suppressed, oppressed
And exploited and tortured,
The poorly downtrodden, have-nots, the exploited,
To whom social justice needs to be given
Or who has not got it social, economic justice
And for whom my heart beats for.

Latest Poems (My Whatsapp Poems & Others)

Latest Poems (My WhatsApp Poems & Others)

In the loving memory of my brother,
Sanjay Kant Dubey

Caste, Class, Creed And Dalit Literature

Dalit literature,
This is possible in India,
In Indian context only,
Not at all applicable to English literature
Though the stories of oppression and suppression
Are spread worldwide.

Dalit as a word means trodden,
Pada-dalit, leg-trodden,
Downtrodden and proletarian,


In an arid land of arid human minds
Caste, yet again authored a tragedy.
He, disease wrecked, downtrodden,
long-ago skinner of animals, sets out.
Ten days of Typhoid, and a partial recovery.
Enough reason to thank some God.

He drags himself clumsily to a nearby temple.
Sadly, of an Upper-caste God.
Away from the temple, he bends in supplication.

Dalit Literature, Let Them Write, You Write It Not

Dalit literature, let them write,
You write it not,
The story of their life,
The narratives and anecdotes
Of their own,
They themselves.

Their things you interpret them not
As for your Ph.D. and the scale jump

Dalit's Case, Why Are They Handling?

Dalit's case, why are they handling,
Dalit's matter, why are they taking up,
Let them take up and say
Rather than them
Who just want to come to the fore
Using their names,
Utilizing their stuffs,
Narratives and anecdotes?

O, I smell a rat,

Festival Haiku - March 12 World Kidney Day

let the water flow, let it flow
so that i can clean you up

i come as a pair
to give you a fair chance
to your left, to your right
dont miss the chance
to be fluid,
in thoughts, words


They are
Dalits as
But when it
Comes to
Rape, their

Under The Mango Tree: Uttar Pradesh

The Taj Mahal's love tale is eternal
Built by a prince to mark lost bridal joys
White marble sculpted in a vast farewell
Fashioned with all the grandeur wealth employs

Two Dalit girls, each shy as a gazelle
Walked from their village with a maiden's poise
Towards the toilet field as evening fell
The youngest, barely past the age of toys