‘bees Will Return To Hives! ' Poem by Dr John Celes

‘bees Will Return To Hives! '

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The Saffronization of India?
-Phulbani, Kandhammal, Orissa, India.
'Calm follows every storm;
But Christians must be calm! '

‘Where martyrs' blood be spilt,
More churches will be built!
Without much shame or guilt,
Fanatics hit the hilt'

Their saffron hues, they spray
On Dalit Christians, aye!
They won't allow them pray;
They hunt them night and day!

What tragedy now looms!
‘Turn Hindu, ' call now booms;
‘Or die; be bruised and maimed! '
Why Christians all are blamed?

Frenzied mobs on rampage:
A war on Christians wage;
Conversion is their lie,
As Christians many die!

Can't one profess their faith
Of choice and freedom, say?
Are Christians not Indians?
God will show them their way!

Such states are keeping quiet;
They want Christians to fight;
‘Violence begets violence'
Most Christians stay calm, hence.

Are there no basic rights?
Most Christian homes lost lights;
Hundreds have been destroyed;
Pleas have gone null and void.

Most Christians are too hurt;
No one seems to regret;
Churches are simply torched,
And human beings scorched!

As angry mobs destroy,
And loot the Christian homes;
And burn them down overnight;
O, see the Dalit's plight!

‘Kandhammal is burning;
Christians are hiding
in the forests near-by,
Out of fear for their lives!

The Bureaucracy's sleeping!
A community's weeping;
And the nation goes on
As usual, from dusk to dawn!

Who gives the rioters rights
To kill and loot and maim?
The government takes no blame;
Keeps its political aim.

All Indians are brothers;
They spare not nuns, sisters!
They burn Christians alive,
For converting the tribes?

Will not some leader ask?
Is peace then no one's task?
Christians cannot worship
Nor live in peace, friendship.

Conversion is excuse
For mobs to cause abuse
Of Dalit Christians poor
Who grew in numbers more!

God watches all these crimes;
He will usher new climes;
As martyrs' blood cries, pleads
To stop arson, misdeeds.

Has Nature lost its cool?
More floods are going to kill
the robust and the ill,
The ‘wise fanatic fool! '

Shouldn't Christians not unite,
As churches, homes ignite?
Our patience isn't weakness;
God is God of fairness!

If churches bear insult
Temples aren't stronger built;
Time teaches all lessons,
As blatant lie weakens.

They blame the poor Christians
Who belong to same soil;
Their living God's mighty -
One, only Almighty!

But how long will they kill
And take innocent lives?
The fanatics have skill?
‘Bees will return to hives! '

Such states can't then progress
If violence won't regress;
God will not spare culprits
Ready are His hell-pits!

Copyright by Dr John Celes 09-27-2008

Malini Kadir 12 April 2010

GOD is one, call him by what name.....let us burn down narrow divisions and let us be the pioneer...if you wish in your neighborhood. why this prejudice? how true is it? not all in this secular state are like this.... I regret to know you have met if at all such partiality in this secular state..... let us become friends and make this world a better place to live in.....

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Elmer Jennings 07 January 2010

I beleave we are all worshiping the same God. If this is true then does he not dislike us mistreating others who pray to him in other ways. Most of us say their is one God. Me must respect one another is we value our God. This old Kansas farmer likes your poem. Thank You

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a very well expressed poem..excellent work

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Dr John Celes

Dr John Celes

Tamilnadu, India
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