Dr. Ambedkar- Sun That Never Sets Poem by Rahul G

Dr. Ambedkar- Sun That Never Sets

Rating: 3.7

i see a sun that never sets,
that enlighten inner quest,
by transcending hearts gate
to overcome lives fade

i see a sun that never sets,
burns stoically for the rest
to help achieve forbidden glory
of those lives gloomy

I see a sun that never sets,
for millions pride sake
breaking law of nature
like a rebel dares death

i see a sun that never sets
and he is a man on mission
with sublime noble reason
to fight human discrimination

i see a man surmount a sun
brilliant high in the sky
nevertheless refusing to lie
unlike a sun that sets everyday

truly Dr. Ambedkar, a dalit icon
is the only sun, dalits reckon
and world shall not witness
any other sun that never sets

Chandana 04 December 2021

I want summary about this poem sun that never sets

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martina afruz 29 October 2018

D.R Ambedkar is a very brave person . Seriosly he is my inspiration 😊😊😙😊

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Madhabi Banerjee 14 April 2016

awasome.authentic tribute

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Ratnakar Mandlik 14 April 2016

Very true. This great son of mother India is a Sun that never sets. Thanks for sharing.10++++ points.

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Soulful Heart 14 April 2016

perfect metaphor for the constitutional maker of our country......sun that lights up, energies n nourishes and binds us as the citizens of a great country...

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