! Nature

Wild forests, mountain range
Deep sea and Virgin Island
Habitat of exquisite species distinct
Gradually on the verge to extinct

Land, forest, sky and seas
Mammals, plants and humming bees
Nature needed for better future
For destined new generation-

A Prayer For Excellence

Lord grant me
The assurance of Abraham
The meekness of Moses
The strength of Samson
The resilience of Ruth
The devotion of David
The shrewdness of Solomon
The empowerment of Elijah
The effectiveness of Esther
The diligence of Daniel

Greatest Wonder

Greatest amazement we feel,
We feel this tender sunlight,
And the growing and dancing
This creeper, who turns face,
Breath of beauty we feel,
Nature with bounty of braveness
And creation with care of beauty,
We feel every wonder generated,
God's greatest wonder is fathomless.


God, Oh dear merciful father,
You are very kind and
We inherit this value from you,
Like a Jasmine blooms
And carries light of glory,
We carry all rights given by you,
Like Jasmine spreads fragrance
We souls spread your message,
Like jasmine beholds beauty
We behold your beauty within us,

(011) Zero-Base Management


(This is not a poem, but a thought process)

‘Reflections on consciousness
And inert matter,
Everything here is a garland with
These two beads strung in different patterns.'

Narayana Guru

One Thousand And Eight Hundred Drops Of Dew On Petals Of Bitter Gourd Flower

Holding the bitterness of truth and values,
This bitter gourd flower has bloomed,
Truth is power and wisdom is empowerment,
Yellow colour is symbol of victory,
Recently introducing Symbolic Verse,
The poet is smiling seeing this wild flower.

One thousand and eight hundred drops of dew,
All swing on tender petals of this flower,
A pretty queen holding her children in lap

Tremor Of Wisdom Of Light

Wisdom is eternal and fresh
Morning carries and we bath in it
A slight earthquake of light
The reflection of sunrise brings,
Entire green water becomes golden,
Drinking nectar of nature,
A moment of empowerment is seen,
Notability is nuanced nobility,
Natural impromptu in rhythm sings
With tenderness of soft breeze,


Forbidden garden were planted with black roses
Emitting smells of long gone corpses
Abandoned for purity
Extricated from beneath of sunken earth
The soils were crumpling and humid
Turning it into after burnt colors
Trespassers wouldn’t take a second look
To determine what’s left for Hell
Is not left for Heaven
The brooding and legitimate darkness

In Your Golden Ocean

Being clouds of light in this horizon,
Swimming in your golden ocean we are,
Feathers of wisdom of creation of joy,
We have captured emotion in light.

You rise like sun in our bright sky,
We feel empowerment done by you,
Sunrise beauty revives trust within,
We have sworn to keep dignity high.
You are power of creation you give,

Pilgrims Of Light

We are pilgrims we are having journey,
To a sacred place of light and mercy,
From darkness of night to new day light,
We are going by state of transformation.

We are talking but do not know each other,
We do not know from places we have come,
Just we have united here in this station,
Time of departure is coming very closer.

Today We Are Writing Today You Read

We are writing today many verses
By command and grace of God,
By virtue and perseverance!
We are writing for God's service,
By his guidance in inner core,
For bringing transformation,
For cracking war and bringing peace,
We are writing today to transfer
The message of God in many poems,
You will read today and tomorrow!

- Cruel Beauty -

Could it be true?
Was she the tormented one that stole the night?
Was she the evil of which we dare not speak?
The soul that cursed the men of yore
The little maiden with the heart of poison and no soul
The maiden whose beauty was unmatched
A marvelous creation of the god unknown
Blistering beneath the moon of vice

No man withstood her trial of survival

Rock Star

Rock star

To a land very far
he has done it like star
Took country to a new height
To speak for cause right

No one has done
Not even great people have gone
That far to represent forcefully

In Perception In Silence

When we sit in deep silence,
We not only feel nature
But also we perceive creation,
Giving a tender touch in Earth,
We feel beauty of mercy of God,
In perception in silence
We grow towards God more.

Day turns and night turns,
When we feel silence is powerful

&self Empowerment

Peace within, peace without,
Or be tossed about by
War within, war without.
Enter the island within.
Reflect, thus a new journey begins,
Follow the path Gandhi speaks,
Unalloyed, total, complete,
Love will blossom and violence retreat.

Friendship Hand

Friendship hand
Monday,14th January 2019

We are not here to deny
but to accept and rely on
the young poets
and let them excel

We have opened the window
and allowed

An Empowerment

An empowerment
Friday,12th April 2019

What makes you know more?
and explore the myth
now what is life and death
and how to take an easy breath?

without in-depth studies
and mind's abilities

'I Am She! '

A garden locked up; blossoming vines
A spring enclosed, scarlet ribbon lips
A sealed fountain, twin fawns of a gazelle
Simply a beautiful rose; lined colorfully as butterfly.
I am She!

A bundle of joy,
An innocent babe longing for a lullaby
A perfume of love spreading fragrance
Wishing to explore my days of survival among foxes

***oaken-Ed Soul

Voiceless wings, rising dreams
Sounds unknown
Yet, planted and nurtured
Already, Subliminal
Thought’s conversation
A love, within - discovered
A hint from an explorer’s
A desire to unburden
If only in small ways

The Kumpa

I struck the board and cried,
No more! I will be in this paradise.
The paradise of Kumpa's and graves,
Having steady looks and shapes.

Those who have strained to build the nest,
The nest of Kumpa's from the west.
Melted their ideologies in the east,
Diminished the traditional laws in the east.