'I Am She! ' Poem by Queeny Gona

'I Am She! '

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A garden locked up; blossoming vines
A spring enclosed, scarlet ribbon lips
A sealed fountain, twin fawns of a gazelle
Simply a beautiful rose; lined colorfully as butterfly.
I am She!

A bundle of joy,
An innocent babe longing for a lullaby
A perfume of love spreading fragrance
Wishing to explore my days of survival among foxes
I am She!

Decades, centuries passed by
Yet Woman, without her man, is nothing.
Will she be tolerated as
Woman: without her, Man is nothing?
I am She!

Man craves for wife but not a daughter;
one says honor killing, and other burden killing: Inhumane are the ways, Alas!
A withered rose, worn and torn by wild beasts
Left beyond restoration!
To beget a girl baby, by and large
A crime; sentenced to death.
How far SHE responsible; for a natural process of XX chromosomes?
To be beaten up brutally!

Enjoyed not fully, the fruit of Eradication of Sati Sahagamana
Yet is replaced by modern acid attacks and the like.
Freedom says a voice; putting a thud on her.
Leaving her no choice to veil or unveil herself
Empowerment of woman says the world!
At most-a paper statement!
Until the thrust of exploitation of woman is shook up!
Reforms, social movements could yield no new status for ‘HER'
I am She!

Which 'ism' would help; improve her status?
Know not? The crisis for people like:
Raja Ram Mohan Roy, William Carey
Is so high to raise voice to free woman!

I am She:

Longing to step on upper hung of the ladder of equality.
Accept: no comment/compliment from unknown ghost
Say no: to any kind of malpractice
Boycott any opportunity that craves for exposing.
First the Resolution followed by the Revolution-be from my end.

I am 'She'!

Utsav Patel 16 November 2013

: | A lump came up into throat... And agony took place... One of the best poems I have ever read in my life... Kudos :) M greatful to know you :)

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Queeny Gona 02 June 2015

I thank from the bottom of my heart for having given your fair comments on the read and having picked it as your best poems that you have ever read!

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James Mclain 26 May 2017

I am she, but one with man, are two.

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Queeny Gona 27 May 2017

Thank you for the read and comment dear poet!

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Tushar Ray 06 June 2015

The detailed account presented in “I am She” is very moving. It is prevalent in today’s world. Do you want to meet a Bombay filmmaker friend of mine for an interview and progress further to make your story more visible to the world in case you want to pursue further? Such unfortunate abuses from men have been felt by women from prehistoric times because there is a natural attraction between the two sexes due to differences in hormonal makeup. Since ancient times in India, this has been dealt in society by self-control practices thru codes of conduct, meditation and yoga. But it is still there in pockets. We need someone like Malala Yusuf to make a global movement against such abuses. Unquestionably, you have a brilliant poetic mind. Thank you for sharing your work, Queeny. I give you 10 -

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Queeny Gona 12 June 2015

Thank you for the read and insightful comment sir. I am pleased to see you rating my work and it would be my pleasure meeting your friend foe interview. Please drop me a mail regarding the details of the interview.

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Shahzia Batool 05 June 2015

Which 'ism' would help; improve her status? Know not? A Strong and standard work Queeny Gona, it's your favor to share this with me. grateful really!

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Ken E Hall 05 June 2015

Great poem shouting out the wrongs of birth...disgusting how boys are preferred at birth in India and the cruelty that has been done to girls over the years...jail should be for families that treat the girls as a poor trophy...thanks for the I Am She...regards

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Queeny Gona 06 June 2015

My outcry is not only about discrimination during birth and pampering sir but also about how a woman is being treated in the society by men. In humanistic way of devastation, exploitation done to her.

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Khaoula Basty 04 June 2015

You are a strong woman that you rely on yourself ;) I love the way how you depict the notion of EVE (woman)

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