Greatest Wonder Poem by Kumarmani Mahakul

Greatest Wonder

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Greatest amazement we feel,
We feel this tender sunlight,
And the growing and dancing
This creeper, who turns face,
Breath of beauty we feel,
Nature with bounty of braveness
And creation with care of beauty,
We feel every wonder generated,
God's greatest wonder is fathomless.

We see green golden tenderness,
We grow through aging and greenness,
Life is automatically motivated,
Natural empowerment we feel soon,
Pure environment surely cares us,
A great nourishment of weather,
It always motivates us to feel,
Generosity is green and grown,
Giggling gossip of green leaves,
It gives gesture of green blooming,
Sunlight falling in Earth smiles,
Sun paints entire sky in rosy beam,
All natural laws are obeyed,
Beginning of a great wonderful day,
All creatures notice of course.

Greatest scene of beauty we watch,
Dank drum has got enlightenment
Getting warm touch of wisdom,
Pleasantness has bloomed with joy,
Such a tender moment we feel
And we appreciate the moment
God's greatest wonder is mystical!

© Kumarmani Mahakul,12 February 2019. All rights reserved.

Greatest Wonder
Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: beauty,nature,perception,philosophical ,spiritual
Cover photo © Kumarmani Mahakul,28 April 2017. All rights reserved.
David Lehman (NY) 12 February 2019

Hey poet it is 5: 11 pm in New York and sun is gong to set. Such appearance we see as your picture reflects. Sunlight falls on dunk and dust but never hates rather sun absorbs vapor from all things. This is great wonder. I wonder reading your lovely poem this evening. Thanks for sharing dear friend!

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Heather W.B. 12 February 2019

This creation is itself a greatest wonder. Sun, moon, stars and planets in this creation are really wonderful and all are tied up in space with great wonder. God is creator of all these and often we wonder about this creation. You have drawn a great imagery in this poem with a nice image as cover. I totally love this poem and feel wonder of penning this lovely poem.

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Sushant Sarbajit Bhukta 12 February 2019

Most I like the picture you have attached with this poem. This is more pleasant than your poem. I get really a clear wonder seeing the creeper moving towards sun. You have broadly described the scene in your nice poetic language. I love the poem and photo both.

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Pam Brown 12 February 2019

Wonderful poem my friend. I love nature poems very much. Scenic beauty is greatest wonder and every wonder is done by God. Thank you very much my friend.

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Michael Walker 12 February 2019

You have focussed so well on the beauty of God's creation-nature, sun, sky-dazzling.

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Pushpendra Patel 16 June 2020

This creation is greatest wonder and this creation too. I wonder reading this poem.

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Dogma Daniman 08 June 2020

God’s creation is full of wonder and here there is no doubt at all. God is greatest wonder and his creation is too. This universe is full of mystery which science has not fully revealed yet.

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Mj Lemon 04 March 2019

This poem has such a wonderful quality, Kumarmani. It reminds me that some arrivals are so unassuming that unless we pay careful attention and notice, we may suddenly find our entire surroundings, our entire world changed. Where there is peace, that change is always for the good. Such a great verse. A 10.

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Khairul Ahsan 28 February 2019

A great imagery of words, supplemented by an excellent photograph. Loved the poem in totality. Lines that I loved most, and pondered over: 'God's greatest wonder is fathomless' 'Natural empowerment we feel soon' 'Generosity is green and grown' 'All natural laws are obeyed' 'God's greatest wonder is mystical! '.... Thank you, dear poet Kumarmani, for presenting us this mystic poem.

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Edward Kofi Louis 24 February 2019

Muse! ! With the beauty of creation. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Kumarmani Mahakul

Kumarmani Mahakul

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