Winter Stores

WE take from life one little share,
And say that this shall be
A space, redeemed from toil and care,
From tears and sadness free.

And, haply, Death unstrings his bow
And Sorrow stands apart,
And, for a little while, we know
The sunshine of the heart.

You Do Anything.......

You do anything you like
Go on roof top and shout with mike
Create scarcity and price you hike
Nothing can stop you to look alike

It is one and al the same
Playing role of life as part of the game
No lament but excuses offer lame
Earn livelihood along with the fame

Water Scarcity

There is water in river, lake and sea
But still there is scarcity of drinking water,
We cannot drink stagnant and salty water,
There is underground water in boring well
But motor is not running for lifting it,
There is hand-pump well but
Water is not properly lifted
Because, level of water has gone down,
Municipality supplies water twice
At mid-night and at early morning,

Asylum Earth

Frustrated I stood in front
of the God to Pray,
And asked him why lunatics
are increasing day by day.
Why there is scarcity
of people in a synagogue,
Why popping up of
Prozac is in a vogue.
Why people look as they
are coming from morgue,

Water Grief Water Joy 2100

When there is no water there is danger
When there is excess water there is danger,
Ranger of forest tells that trees die
Due to wiled fire that spreads,
It happens when there is no rain
And summer runs for long time and
When monsoon comes very late to rain,
Then excess rain brings flood in river,
Landslide is seen and devastation too,
Trees are uprooted in heavy rain and cyclone,

A Fine Old English Gentleman

I'll sing you a new ballad, and I'll warrant it first-rate,
Of the days of that old gentleman who had that old estate;
When they spent the public money at a bountiful old rate
On ev'ry mistress, pimp, and scamp, at ev'ry noble gate,
In the fine old English Tory times;
Soon may they come again!

The good old laws were garnished well with gibbets, whips, and chains,
With fine old English penalties, and fine old English pains,
With rebel heads, and seas of blood once hot in rebel veins;

(harichandran) 03 The Famous Ayodhya

Ayodhya, the Capital City
Was famous for its gaiety,
With its entrance gates
Shining like ornaments.

A moat, too deep and wide,
High walls built all around,
An army of security guards,
All guarded it from invaders.

When A Woman Goes To Pieces

When a woman goes to pieces
Hysteria and fragility are often evoked
When a man goes to pieces
Its often just workload

The opposite can also be true.
If a woman tells her mate
I'm going to pieces he'll tell her
'Get yourself together,
Or soon it'll be too late'.

The Third Monarchy, Being The Grecian, Beginning Under Alexander The Great In The 112. Olympiad.

Great Alexander was wise Philips son,
He to Amyntas, Kings of Macedon;
The cruel proud Olympias was his Mother,
She to Epirus warlike King was daughter.
This Prince (his father by Pausanias slain)
The twenty first of's age began to reign.
Great were the Gifts of nature which he had,
His education much to those did adde:
By art and nature both he was made fit,
To 'complish that which long before was writ.

An Ode To An Old Grey Hair

Once you were the Queen of the fairways
Striding along ahead of the pack
Club in hand, eye on the ball
As you with deft stroke played the game.

Time wears away the luster
Of past dreams and lays bare
The fact that Aging is not for Sissies
But for those who persevere.

The Romane Monarchy, Being The Fourth And Last, Beginninganno Mundi , 3213.

After some dayes of rest, my restless heart
To finish what's begun, new thoughts impart,
And maugre all resolves, my fancy wrought
This fourth to th'other three, now might be brought:
Shortness of time and inability,
Will force me to a confus'd brevity.
Yet in this Chaos, one shall easily spy
The vast Limbs of a mighty Monarchy,
What e're is found amiss take in good part,

John Rouat The Fisherman

Margaret Simpson was the daughter of humble parents in the county of Ayr,
With a comely figure, and face of beauty rare,
And just in the full bloom of her womanhood,
Was united to John Rouat, a fisherman good.

John's fortune consisted of his coble, three oars, and his fishing-gear,
Besides his two stout boys, John and James, he loved most dear.
And no matter how the wind might blow, or the rain pelt,
Or scarcity of fish, John little sorrow felt.

Educated Fools

An age with abundance information
yet poor in knowledge. A man's current
scarcity is the outcome of ignorance. A
curse that dismiss the moral notions for
a simple solution that grows into the
instrument of destruction.

Thirst Needs Water

Interesting and amazing this art
As every creature has thirst within
Nature has painted this to feel
Water scarcity in body is signed in.

Thirst needs water and searches for
Thirst waits for clouds to rain
Rivers flow and thirst runs near
Importance of water a thirsty feels.

The Reckoning


LET no cares now hover o'er us

Let the wine unsparing run!
Wilt thou swell our merry chorus?

Hast thou all thy duty done?


Nigger Malcolm *

His name was Malcolm,
he hustled next to me
behind the counter of
beloved Martindale's.
Books, New and Used,
including Paperbacks and Maps,
and Texts for Medicine,
yes, Jurisprudence and The Arts.
Open 'til nine, on seventh street.
Downtown, one block from Rubens,

A Writing About Obama- Seventh Installment

A Writing About Obama- seventh day installment

Obama is talking to Health Care 'stakeholders' today looking get voluntary agreement on reducing the costs of health care in America. Those costs are the single greatest factor in the national debt.
Here is what Doctors and Nurses have to say about his plans and where they think savings can occur in the health care system.

Excerpt from my new Book: 'The Obama Chronicle: Stories From the Heartland'

The Doctor Is In:

He is the English major who became a doctor at a major medical institution in California and forsook his first love-writing. In between patients he continued to write, and read one of my earlier books. He is playful, played with writing, and, he loved the English language.

Human Rights

If you were a child of a beggar
You would understand better what is human right.

It is normal to exist rich and poor people
Cause they are not equal from point of view of quality
But huge gap between the rich and the poor
Is the seed of hostility.

Please try to understand how a person feels
When he is hurt.

The Parson's Tale


By that the Manciple his tale had ended,
The sunne from the south line was descended
So lowe, that it was not to my sight
Degrees nine-and-twenty as in height.
Four of the clock it was then, as I guess,
For eleven foot, a little more or less,
My shadow was at thilke time, as there,

Love And Peace

No more confined,
To a family so small,
Now my family,
Is large and tall.
The inspiring friendships,
Like rainbow,
A colorful painting,
A joy ever lasting.