An Ode To An Old Grey Hair Poem by Sidi Mahtrow

An Ode To An Old Grey Hair

Rating: 2.7

Once you were the Queen of the fairways
Striding along ahead of the pack
Club in hand, eye on the ball
As you with deft stroke played the game.

Time wears away the luster
Of past dreams and lays bare
The fact that Aging is not for Sissies
But for those who persevere.

As the shadows grew long
The shine of your sun-bleached tresses
Dimmed as they grew thin
But memory carried you through.

The hopes and joys of youth
May have faded
But you, although bent by time
Continued to follow a dream.

How much you contributed
To those who follow in your footsteps
Remains to be seen
As they have not the vision of the future
That your generation shared.

Disillusions did not dissuade you
False prophets did not mislead you
Scarcity did cause you to want
Mockery did not bow your head.

Oh, Grey Hair, how we miss you
How we think often of you
How we remember your firm hand
Your gentle encouragement.

Dr Hitesh Sheth 28 September 2008

When body unfurls a white pennon in a fight against time, It is time to look for one owns soul in heart’s holy shrine.

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Anthony Edmond John 16 September 2008

These Lines are filled with salient wisdom... Much respect from The Sage... Anthony Edmond John +2348020984990

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Loyd C Taylor Sr 18 June 2008

Hello Sidi, the Bible says that grey hair is a man's glory and your poem helped establish this fact. I enjoyed your poem. When you have time please check out my poem 'Just An Old Shoebox' thanks, Loyd

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