Human Rights Poem by Asif Andalib

Asif Andalib

Asif Andalib

Moez Monzil, Komlapur, Faridpur, Bangladesh

Human Rights

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If you were a child of a beggar
You would understand better what is human right.

It is normal to exist rich and poor people
Cause they are not equal from point of view of quality
But huge gap between the rich and the poor
Is the seed of hostility.

Please try to understand how a person feels
When he is hurt.

Why have you born? Why will you die?
Have you thought it over?
How much time is left for you?
Have you figured it out?

For us scarcity of time is more
Than that of wealth on earth!
Only kindness can bring peace on earth.

Sadiqullah Khan 26 September 2008

i totally agree, , , , , , , , the last line summs up the issue, , , , , , , , , , ,

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Aijaz Asif 26 September 2008

nicely writen asif, u tried well to bringout the issue....keep writing thanks

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Richa Dhodi 07 October 2008

It is a nice slab sir good work

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Ivor Hogg 08 October 2008

The love of money is the root cause of evil my friend

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Michael Pruchnicki 09 October 2008

What simple-minded drivel, Asif! And the comments offered by your admirers approach the zenith of nonsense. Love of money is the root of all evil? A nice slab? A rewrite is in order, Asif! Don't be misled by the inane comments!

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Yes, there wii be peace on earth if we are kind towards fellow human beings, avoid exploitation, hoarding of essential items and other activities against the poor.

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Lee Henry 18 November 2008

Great, heartfelt and moving. I am an advocate for those in the Darfur region of Sudan. So poems of this nature always seem to peek my interest, and stir my inner person.

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Lashawanda Ivey 04 November 2008

I truly love this poem. Maybe you can read some of my poems and tell me what you thinks

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Pure Remedy 01 November 2008

money can buy almost everything.. we have ppl in africa who are dying because they can't not afford the medicine for HIV but then over here in the states magic johnson. is still living well.. hmm.. are ppl really tryin to save a life or looking for a pay check

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Chocolate Bunny 30 October 2008

This poem gives you something to think about. I like it.

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Asif Andalib

Asif Andalib

Moez Monzil, Komlapur, Faridpur, Bangladesh
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