Asylum Earth Poem by Dr Hitesh Sheth

Asylum Earth

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Frustrated I stood in front
of the God to Pray,
And asked him why lunatics
are increasing day by day.
Why there is scarcity
of people in a synagogue,
Why popping up of
Prozac is in a vogue.
Why people look as they
are coming from morgue,
Why all minds are clouded
by the depression’s fog.

Then, God appeared suddenly
with his mischievous smile,
And he started to speak
in his inimitable style:

“Son! this earth is nothing
but asylum of the universe
But for marketing my poets
described it in beautiful verse.
But most fools are the people
who claim to be wise,
And labors to turn this asylum
in a pretty paradise.
But thing which fills me
with a gaiety and mirth,
Is your construction of an
asylum within an asylum earth.”

“Do you know why this asylum
earth is devoid of joy and fun?
Because men who turned wise
are poisoned or shot by guns.
Unless and until you
immediately rectify your error,
This earth cannot be freed from
madness, anxiety and terror.
Benumbed by god’s answer
I immediately left his premise,
In order to prevent becoming
one more mad wise.

Dr Hitesh C Sheth


Indira Renganathan 01 April 2009

Superb poem with a sutle stroke of satire...asylum earth is a lovely truthful title10++++++++

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Wojja Fink 25 March 2009

Doctor Doctor please help me do get me a ticket to escape with you all these bankers and brokers blind they keep trying to sell me a credit card mind, the mortgage is paid I'm no longer in debt and the credit card woman just wants me to love your poems...John

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Malini Kadir 19 January 2009

Why you have made me don my thinking cap! wow it is a nice way to see this lunatic world.......

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Chitra - 19 January 2009

food for thought, definitely put the reader in the introspective mode

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Rani Turton 18 January 2009

This is a truly amazing and wonderful poem, Dr Seth!

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 09 June 2010

Diazepam…clonazepam…resperidone …tricyclic antidepressant et al…are most sought after Rx by docs…its ‘Global-Depression’…God has kept options...hedonism or humanism…we’re to choose… The later group on Divine Crèche...well the former …you’ve explicitly described…thanks Sir for such a contemplative…vibe 10//10 [for humanism] Ms. Nivedita UK

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“Son! this earth is nothing but asylum of the universe But for marketing my poets described it in beautiful verse...... beautiful write with deep sense of thoughts....10 read mine why do we neglect nataure?

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Richard Dates 02 May 2009

I try every day not to be a lunatic....your excellent poem should help me in this endeavor.

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 11 April 2009

Your writing features a touch of satire, alongside a deep and melancholy awareness of the bad forces around us - loved the read

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Subroto Chatterjee 07 April 2009

Not surprising your pain shows in this confession; It has also something to do with your profession. Mankind's story is littered with woes; Do I believe in God? God knows.

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