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1. Honest Contemplations 12/7/2010
2. Love Binds, Selfishness Confines 12/14/2010
3. Attending Your Own Funeral 12/7/2010
4. Pain As A Catalyst For Faith 12/22/2010
5. From Solitude To Faith 12/27/2010
6. Man's Greatness 12/30/2010
7. Our Obligation To Seek The Truth 1/18/2011
8. True Happiness Resides From Within 1/19/2011
9. Destiny Versus Destination 1/24/2011
10. The Price To Reach Your Destination 1/19/2011
11. Believe And Do Not Bereave 12/21/2010
12. Love Emanates From Above 12/15/2010
13. That Girl Next Door, She's About A 4 11/20/2010
14. Your World Of Fear Can Disappear 12/16/2010
15. Who Will Share My Pain? 12/5/2010
16. My World Of Silence 1/5/2011
17. Searching For That Special One 11/20/2010
18. A Soul's Journey 12/10/2010
19. Girl Of My Dreams 12/20/2010
20. Turning Hope Into Happiness 12/6/2010
21. A Lesson From Heaven Through The Agency Of A Cockroach 11/20/2010
22. Give Me Your Hand 11/20/2010
23. Post A Poem Here, Read All About It 11/20/2010
24. A Soul's Choice To Rejoice 12/30/2010
25. The Wings Of Imagination 12/5/2010
26. An Aching Heart 11/28/2010
27. Love Heals All Wounds 11/29/2010
28. Shamed -Haiku 12/1/2010
29. Skydiving Gone Wrong -Haiku 12/2/2010
30. My Love Is Your Eternity 12/2/2010
31. Priceless Time -Haiku 12/5/2010
32. People Of The Book 12/8/2010
33. Give Peace A Chance 12/6/2010
34. How To Gain From Our Pain 12/23/2010
35. Sincere Prayer -Haiku 11/21/2010
36. Resist 11/21/2010
37. Over Before It Started -Haiku 11/23/2010
38. In The Name Of Science -Haiku 11/23/2010
39. Love Is Infectious -Haiku 11/23/2010
40. Fighting G-D's Battles -Haiku 11/23/2010
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Appreciating Life

The sun will shine, and the clouds will rain
these winds will blow, and love will yet feign
the eye will see, and the heart will crave
the body will sin, and sin will enslave

The baby will crawl, and the boy will walk
the man will run, and love will soon talk
love's burning desire, but a fleeting fire
age overcomes, desires quickly retire

The old man now stooped over
memories have but faded away
that life once full of living, alas
sitting in solitude, nothing but decay

So in youth, don't ever miss the chance
never stop dreaming, a...

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All You Radicals

For all you radicals, there is a time to stand up and shout
Refuse to belong to those that choose the easy way out
For what purpose would he decree, when G-D granted us life
If not to stand firm and avoid all forms of strife

I'm a radical, to this I must admit
Always looked upon differently, as if I'm unfit
But why follow others who think they suffice
To control everyone else with the roll of their dice

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