Abdul Karim

Abdul Karim Poems

1. We Going Down And Up, 12/31/2008
2. Running Time, 12/31/2008
3. You Redeemed Me, 12/31/2008
4. This Is My Man, 1/4/2009
5. You May Be Carrying Me, 1/4/2009
6. I Deserve Mankind Love To Heaven 1/5/2009
7. You Will Be Part Of Us, 1/5/2009
8. There Is More To Learn, 1/5/2009
9. Temptations. 1/6/2009
10. Problem Is My Beat, 1/6/2009
11. Title's 1/8/2009
12. Breathe 1/18/2009
13. We Make It, 1/18/2009
14. You Are Mine, 1/18/2009
15. My Characters, 1/19/2009
16. Man's Folly, 1/19/2009
17. We Are Lovers Dear, 1/19/2009
18. Inside Me, 1/24/2009
19. Contradiction Of Mankind Love's Or Hate, 1/24/2009
20. Take Me To Heaven, 1/24/2009
21. Take Me To Heaven With You, 1/24/2009
22. I See You With Me, 1/24/2009
23. The Life We Led Here, 1/24/2009
24. You Genius, 1/24/2009
25. You Are So Fine, 1/24/2009
26. Net Compose 1/24/2009
27. You Will Be Mine, 1/26/2009
28. Iam Loving You, 1/28/2009
29. My Own, 1/30/2009
30. I Cannot Believe It, 2/7/2009
31. Beauty Is Not Born, 2/7/2009
32. I Hold On You Close, 2/9/2009
33. Within This Glory, 2/9/2009
34. Within This Glory You And I, 2/9/2009
35. Egoistic 2/9/2009
36. My Beats, 2/10/2009
37. Curse And Blessings, 1/19/2009
38. If This Is My Failing's 1/20/2009
39. Let Me Hold On You, 1/23/2009
40. I Believe In You, Believe 2/11/2009
Best Poem of Abdul Karim

Take Courage And Never Give Up,

Take Courage and Never Give Up,
Take Courage and Never Give Up,
I can see where we came from,
The Meaning is all Seen in Mine Eyes,
That we are all Blessed from all Our Hard Work,
In all my Comfort from Discomfort,
The Meaning is all Clear that Iam not fading anymore,
In all Parts that I see Courage in all Good Work's,
It is in me that I feel Secure and Hold a Sanctuary Called a Holy Dwelling,
In all Through the Narrow Road Iam taking all Good Works in my agile and deft Skills,
That I may never Tire on all GOOD Works from on High.

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This Is My Man,

This is my man,
This is my man,
Every man is able to see this me,
In all of me,
I think of time,
Valuable Creations,
Hold on this house,
My shelter that I depend on,
I never cry,

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