Treasure Island

Abdurrahim Iftekhar

Poems of Abdurrahim Iftekhar

1. ADDRESS TO MY HEART 3/22/2008
2. Dangers Of LonelinesS 3/22/2008
3. Games with my heart 3/22/2008
4. INNOCENCE! 3/22/2008
5. Message 3/22/2008
6. MY LOVE 3/22/2008
7. Remembering You! 3/22/2008
8. The Bright Sunshine 3/22/2008
9. Tum he ho Yadoon mei 3/22/2008
10. Vulnerable Love 3/22/2008
11. YOUR MY HEARTBEAT 3/22/2008


--My LOVE-

I love her from the deepness of my heart,
but iknow that trying so hard and going so far would be of no use
As i might loose it all in a single fall.

I cannot understand what I should do.
To Love herR or to Forget all about herR?
Loving her might make me drown in an open Sea, but..

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