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abi Whitaker Poems

1. Leech 4/30/2011
2. Ask 4/30/2011
3. Sun 4/30/2011
4. Wind-Screen Wipers On My Eyes 5/21/2011
5. I'Ll Tell The Devil 5/21/2011
6. She Cant Be Me 7/2/2011
7. I Looked Blue 7/2/2011
8. The Daylights Here 7/2/2011
9. Stable Boy 7/2/2011
10. I Forgot To Say 7/2/2011
11. The Things That You Do 7/8/2011
12. Golden Guy 7/8/2011
13. I Forget To Say 'I Love You' 7/8/2011
14. And I Dawdle Home 7/16/2011
15. Stalked 7/16/2011
16. Kings Of Leon 7/16/2011
17. What He's Having For Tea 7/16/2011
18. The Boy Who Called Me Beautiful 4/29/2011
19. Charlotte 4/29/2011
20. Disapearing Into The Night 4/29/2011
21. Become Of Us 4/30/2011
22. If She Cant Fall In Love 4/30/2011
23. Drinking 4/30/2011
24. Pure 4/30/2011
25. Just A Day 7/29/2011
26. If I Could Fly 8/6/2011
27. What Will It Be 8/6/2011
28. Come Waste Sunday 8/6/2011
29. It Just Might Be A Fairytale 8/6/2011
30. Hello Superman 8/20/2011
31. A Boy 8/20/2011
32. Show Me How To Shine 8/20/2011
33. Flying Solo 10/8/2011
34. Missing 10/8/2011
35. Only One For Me 10/8/2011
36. Made Me Feel A Whole New Feeling 10/8/2011
37. I'M Kind Of A Wierdo 10/8/2011
38. Songs For A Girl Like Me 10/8/2011
39. You Are The Weakest Friend 10/8/2011
40. You Hate Him But I Hate You 10/8/2011
Best Poem of abi Whitaker

I Needed You

Abi, you are a screwed up little girl
and you know it dont you
you push anyone away who wants to be there
you think you're all independant living without a care
but realy your not
dont need anybody
do you
but when you cry
you've got your own shoulder
you try to stand up straighter and be a little bolder
but i'm screwed up so bad
i don't know a way out
i run away from people
because i don't think they care
when they do
i say i don't need anybody
because the one i did need was you.

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Become Of Us

What has become of us?
all that we used to be
i cannot see
what has become of us?
this new revolution
the end of polution?
what has become of us?
they made robots out of us
bare machines
what did become of us
when they took us
kidnapped, stolen
what have we become?

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