Alex Nodopaka

Rookie - 450 Points (1940 / Russia)

Alex Nodopaka Poems

1. Speaking Of The Other 4/25/2006
2. Ola Compadre! 4/25/2006
3. Cézanne Affair 4/25/2006
4. Solitude 4/25/2006
5. Baghdad Pulp 4/25/2006
6. The Helix Glyph 4/25/2006
7. Modern Relics 4/25/2006
8. Moon Conjuncts Venus 4/25/2006
9. Symbols Are Oracular Forms 4/25/2006
10. Found Scratched Poem 4/25/2006
11. Zero54am 4/25/2006
12. Mental Fission 4/25/2006
13. Le Dejeuner Sous L'Herbe 4/25/2006
14. Ghosts In The Sistine Chapel 4/26/2006
15. Reflections On The Shroud 2/5/2008
16. The Visibility Of Thoughts 2/5/2008
17. Sublimation By Osmosis 2/5/2008
18. The Turtle Arse Fiddler 8/22/2008
19. The Encounter In A Greasy Spoon 9/8/2009
20. A Poet’s Pageant 9/8/2009
21. Memorial Day 2009 9/8/2009
22. The Crimson Foulard 9/8/2009
23. Love In Rubber Balls 9/8/2009
24. Why We Must Stay Dead After We Die 9/8/2009
25. The Trigonometry Of Anxiety 9/8/2009
26. The Girth Of Buddha 9/8/2009
27. Carnal Terrorism 9/8/2009
28. Self-Pleasuring Buddha 9/8/2009
29. Does Buddha Still Walk This Earth 9/9/2009
30. The Importance Of An Instant Or An Instant Of Importance 9/9/2009
31. The Girth Of The 4th Dimension 9/9/2009
32. The Wilted Monument 9/9/2009
33. An Awkward Reading 9/9/2009
34. Cerveza Taurino 9/9/2009
35. Does Heaven Have Walls 9/9/2009
36. Half-Cocked Explanation Of Duality 9/9/2009
37. I Dreamt Of Rumi 4/25/2006
38. L'Absence Des Espaces Entre Les Mots 9/9/2009
39. The Absence Of Spaces Between Words 9/9/2009
40. The Mystery Of Duality 9/9/2009
Best Poem of Alex Nodopaka

A Love Letter

I write words and listen to
sounds from Persia.
There’s a party next door
and when the exotic music stops
so do my words.

They fall from pages,
shatter and split into
loose alphabet.

In effect each letter
on the ground
forms collages varied as the dresses
of the women over the fence.

Today is a special Babylonian day.
One of tying blades of grass together.
With each tie one makes a wish.
I tie one knot.
You and I.


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I Observe An Elder Man

I observe an elder man

with a fishing pole walk along the sandy seashore of the Pacific Ocean toward a promontory composed of jutting boulders. The ocean waves gently sweep though not quite reach them. He obviously doesn't want his white sandals or slacks to get wet nor does he look like he is a fisherman of women, too old for that breathtaking sport.

Soon he finds a suitable place and begins setting up his fishing paraphernalia. From experience I know his positioning must be suitable for

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