Alfred Barna

Poems of Alfred Barna

21. Hope into a Hole 1/27/2013
22. How Do You Build A Berg? 6/9/2013
23. I Just Need Some Water 7/16/2013
24. Just Enough Time 1/7/2014
25. Just Hold The Line 3/30/2014
26. Lab Rat 2/7/2013
27. Laws of Men 6/30/2013
28. Love Is Time Well Spent 6/18/2013
29. Make A Prayer -new- 10/14/2014
30. Master of Money 10/2/2014
31. Megalomania Blues 10/16/2013
32. Money, Money, Money, Money 1/3/2014
33. Necropolis Technopolis 9/25/2013
34. Nursery Rhymes of Malthus and Hegel -new- 10/10/2014
35. Nuture Your Nature Instead 6/12/2014
36. Open Up Your Heart 10/24/2013
37. Pawn or Thorn...Up to You 8/10/2014
38. Perfection 4/22/2014
39. Sands of Time 4/27/2013
40. Staring at the Stars 3/17/2013

Lab Rat

I have become a lab rat in a maze
The latest fad and the latest craze
Tracking me from the beginning to the end
Every step I take and around every bend
Based upon principles I cannot see
A hint or two are set before me
A titillating show of smile, a veil of breast
Leads me to where I go and where I rest
All the while I have not moved a single inch

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