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Alfred Barna Poems

41. Laws Of Men 6/30/2013
42. Lab Rat 2/7/2013
43. Just Hold The Line 3/30/2014
44. Just Enough Time 1/7/2014
45. I Just Need Some Water 7/16/2013
46. How Do You Build A Berg? 6/9/2013
47. Hope Into A Hole 1/27/2013
48. Home 3/16/2013
49. Hide And Seek (So People Forget) 7/18/2013
50. Hidden Truths 3/16/2013
51. Heaven Waits For Us Like Home 4/20/2014
52. Give Me The Breeze And The Bees 5/16/2014
53. Enemy Within 7/14/2013
54. Doctoring 4/3/2013
55. Desire To Break Free 1/16/2014
56. Death 3/10/2013
57. Dancing In The Twilight 3/15/2015
58. Classes: Ruling, Fooling, And Drooling 9/21/2014
59. Cinema Noir 3/8/2013
60. Burned By What We Desire 3/8/2013
61. Blinding Light 4/3/2014
62. Blinded We Are 3/31/2013
63. Beware The Men 3/31/2013
64. Before The Bullets 10/1/2014
65. Before I Knew The World 3/25/2013
66. Battle Of Mind, Won By The Heart 11/7/2014
67. As If You Had To Ask 2/2/2014
68. Am I Free? 4/26/2013
69. Access Denied 12/8/2013
Best Poem of Alfred Barna

Within Without, Without Within

Within Without
Modern dilemma of dichotomy
Rules the day
Whisperings dotting in the shadows
As the light continues trying to find them
Lawlessness and lawful
Selfishness and selfless
The paradigms lurking within to bind them

Without Within
Although the vibrant tapestry
Greatest is the controversy
Material and Spiritual amalgam
Humanity has an internal cache, each can destroy
Babel and Jerusalem
Towers to men, ladders from God
We each hold potential cruelty or compassion, which shall we deploy

The greatest battles are within
For its ...

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Cinema Noir

I don't care about the third world dregs
I just want to empty frat party kegs
I don't want to have to go outside
I have my X-box to entertain my brain
Graphic violence and suicide
But there's always a life to regain
Through the PC they deliver to my door
After all that's what the hired help is for
I make the millions by trawling cyberspace

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