Alfred Barna

Alfred Barna Poems

41. Of Inquisitions And Jihads 10/25/2014
42. Open Up Your Heart 10/24/2013
43. Pawn Or Thorn...Up To You 8/10/2014
44. Perfection 4/22/2014
45. Sands Of Time 4/27/2013
46. Staring At The Stars 3/17/2013
47. Stranded 1/14/2015
48. Terror: Fear The Fear 11/2/2014
49. The Battle Between 4/3/2014
50. The Chameleons 9/11/2014
51. The Goal Is Control 1/29/2015
52. The Holocaust Museum 3/25/2013
53. The Monster 12/12/2013
54. The Mortal Immortals 12/1/2014
55. The Old Apple Tree And Dad 3/8/2013
56. The Ties That Bind 5/30/2014
57. This World Is Fire 11/7/2013
58. Thoughts 7/31/2014
59. Truth Is The Light 3/7/2014
60. Turning Away 2/1/2014
61. Vampire's Esmerelda 3/8/2013
62. We Can'T Disappear 12/5/2014
63. We Must Take The World 9/8/2013
64. We Need Each Other 10/24/2013
65. Welcome My Son 9/30/2013
66. What Will Come To Pass? 9/14/2013
67. Wise Dumb 7/29/2013
68. Wishing, Waiting, And Wanted 7/27/2013
69. Within Without, Without Within 4/12/2013
70. Wizard In Glass 1/28/2013
71. Wizards Of The World 9/26/2014
72. You Are My Song 6/8/2013
73. You Say 6/13/2015
Best Poem of Alfred Barna

Money, Money, Money, Money

I know I have the answers
I’m sure I have the cure
Immaculate cars, pretty dancers
That will thrill you right to the core
All your dreams will be fulfilled
And you’ll have friends, where you go
No matter how plain or unskilled
You will be the star of the show
It’ll take just a bit of money
Just like the sweetest drops of honey
Just a little bit of money
Money, money, money, money

You want some respect
You just like to feel revered
You want some loving aspect
You want to know that someone cared
You’ll find plenty of sycophants
Catering to ...

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Vampire's Esmerelda

So sweetly, as the flower courts the honey bees with nectar
You're lifeblood beckons me close into your arms
As I screech into the night, you hear my forlorn whisper
Like the flutter of moths wings, gently coaxing the night air's embrace
I stand off in the distance and watch you
In your dealings with those who don't know how dear you are
Those who lie to you, cheat you, and indeed steal from you
Whereas I always am up-front an honest
Completely and unabashedly I stare into your s

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