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Alison Luterman

(New England)

Poems of Alison Luterman

1. Because Even the Word Obstacle is an Obstacle 3/15/2012
2. Earthquakes 3/15/2012
3. Invisible Work 1/13/2003
4. Looking for Work 3/15/2012
5. On Not Flying To Hawaii 1/13/2003
6. Sidewalk Story 3/15/2012
7. Sustain 3/15/2012

Looking for Work

Consider the pigeons of the city,
how in their filthy swoop and dive they fatten
on dusty Dorito crumbs;
consider their evolution
through generations of squawk and squalor,
peck and fight. (And what did it take for that one,
strutting his kingly amethyst ruff,
his neck sheen of subdued emerald,
his fat gray feathers of survival,

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