Treasure Island

Andreanna Atkins

(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Poems of Andreanna Atkins

1. Besides, I Love You. 2/10/2010
2. Eternal Love 11/21/2009
3. Father, Can You Hear Me? 8/6/2010
4. Love Game 5/11/2010
5. Perfect Attendance 9/28/2011
6. The darker the skin, The deeper the roots. 9/28/2011
7. The Lonely Spider 7/1/2008

Besides, I Love You.

I want you.
in the most honest type of way.
gaze in the fondest type of way.
and there will never be a day
when I won't want you.

I need you.
in the dearest type of way.
the 'hold me nearest' type of way.

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