Treasure Island

Andreanna Atkins

(New Orleans, Louisiana)

Poems of Andreanna Atkins

1. Besides, I Love You. 2/10/2010
2. Eternal Love 11/21/2009
3. Father, Can You Hear Me? 8/6/2010
4. Love Game 5/11/2010
5. Perfect Attendance 9/28/2011
6. The darker the skin, The deeper the roots. 9/28/2011
7. The Lonely Spider 7/1/2008

Love Game

One girl, two loves.
One decision, two gloves.
And as fist meets trial,
who's to say the blow will take?

She's not fake, life's just hard.
Should she partake? or stand guard?
Well she doesn't have a choice.
Her heart is on the line.

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