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81. Let Me Reflect The Truth 1/27/2013
82. Letting Us Be Ourselves 11/22/2012
83. Life Felt Me 4/14/2012
84. Life Will Give 11/4/2012
85. Lightening Is Quicker Than Thunder 7/12/2012
86. Longings 3/17/2013
87. Lost For Ever 5/10/2015
88. Love 10/22/2012
89. Love Is Enough For It Self. 11/22/2012
90. Loving Embrace. 3/19/2013
91. Marooned 12/30/2012
92. Match 9/10/2012
93. Miracles Are A Byproduct Of Many Thing 2/25/2013
94. Miracles Really Do Happen; I Am Not Talking Abstractly Or Metaphysically. 1/11/2013
95. Mirages Of Lies 6/2/2013
96. Mistake Familiar For Normal 6/23/2012
97. More Of Life As We Go On. 2/1/2014
98. Most Are Prisoners In Their Limited Perceptions 2/25/2013
99. My Attention Again 5/1/2013
100. My Father Has Been Dyeing On Me For Years Even Though He Is Healthy And Alive. 8/20/2012
101. My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me 9/11/2012
102. My Heart Yearns 3/31/2013
103. My Unclear Subjective Emerging I 5/19/2015
104. No Matter How Good Or Painful 11/4/2012
105. No Matter Where You Are I Am Always With You 1/8/2013
106. No Wonder Why Emotions, Feelings, Violence And Love Become Interfused 3/22/2013
107. None 9/2/2012
108. Not You At All 9/1/2012
109. On The Inside 11/9/2012
110. On The Service 8/13/2011
111. Once More 8/9/2011
112. One God Cares For You, The Other Is So Great He Could Careless 8/18/2011
113. Only Perpetrators Think Them Selves Queen Or King 6/2/2013
114. Over The Line 11/6/2012
115. Parents Need To Be Attuned To Such Unique Gifts And Abilities In Their Children, 8/26/2013
116. Part Of Me, All Of Me 10/20/2012
117. People With Dyslexia Are Not Imprison By The Limits Impose My The Rules And Laws Of Language. 6/2/2015
118. Phoenix 1/31/2012
119. Pick The Right God. 8/18/2011
120. Professional Sports Are The Modern Plantations 2/1/2013
Best Poem of Anthony Cavuoti

To My Future Self Now.

We are not bound by the collective deeds of our parents nor the collective sum of our genes, how we face death how we face life, over and over this single time says all.

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Discontinuous Existence

We do not die, instead we live a discontinuous existence. This life here, my body, my thoughts, memories, feelings, what I am physically, once this is over it is over. Anything else is just an allusion. When we die it is over, nothing is going to recreate us, make us again. Restore us to what we are. It is over the end. No more. End of story. Final curtain. The dirt sleep. Or is it.

Could not resonances of this life carry over to our next life, be with us in the after life, in the life betwee

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