Anthony Cavuoti

Anthony Cavuoti Poems

81. Extended Family 11/6/2012
82. Facebook Is Heaven For People With Attachment, Intimacy Issues 9/9/2012
83. Fed Up With The Attitude Of A System Of Indifference 10/29/2011
84. Feel Sad, 11/8/2012
85. Fill Your Dream 5/13/2013
86. Find Your Own 5/15/2013
87. Flying Birds In The World Of Flightless Birds 6/12/2013
88. Fossilized Part Of Them Is Still Alive 12/11/2012
89. Found Even When You Hide. 6/2/2015
90. From Here To Eternity 12/24/2015
91. God Guides Each Of Us In A Unique Way 3/22/2013
92. God Saves Us Daily 12/10/2012
93. Good Dreams 8/15/2012
94. Great Beyond Anything We Know We Are 1/30/2013
95. Great Gift 10/25/2012
96. Greater Than Dionysus 8/28/2015
97. Hate It When 4/14/2012
98. Haunted By Lovely Memories 11/11/2015
99. Have You Ever Came Out Of Your Cellophane Wrapper 11/11/2015
100. Her Arms Are So Long 7/3/2016
101. Her Coffee Table 8/6/2015
102. Her Flagrant Decay Compounded Her Irresistible Enchanting Dark Powers. 10/19/2015
103. Her Future Self, Her Soul Would From Time To Time Chime In, Speak To Me 10/25/2015
104. Her Voice Would Excite Me 12/11/2015
105. He's A Living Dynamics Of The Vitality Of Life. 12/5/2015
106. Hide Go Seek. 10/16/2015
107. Hits You Like A Kick In The 8/19/2012
108. Hose That Seem Solid In Their Arrogance On Fixed And Established Ways 8/10/2013
109. How I Miss 12/21/2015
110. How I Was Formed 12/20/2015
111. How My Passion Rose 12/10/2015
112. I Am No Mistake. 11/27/2015
113. I Could Not Resist Her 9/8/2015
114. I Followed Her Into The Darkness And Got Lost 8/6/2015
115. I Have Witness Many Great Things In This World 9/18/2012
116. I Have Witness Many Great Things In This World, In This Life 9/15/2012
117. I Needed Her 3/13/2016
118. I See Them 9/8/2012
119. I Simply Was Tired Of The Draconian Way Of Life 3/30/2013
120. I Think It Is Ironic That Many Of The Leaders In Technology Were Adopted. 10/9/2011
Best Poem of Anthony Cavuoti

You But Not The Real You

We are more then ego;
It is you but not the real you.
Ego is b (be) to C, no where near I yet.

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Birth Of More, Of More

When you have lived long enough you will discover that you never really left your home out of time, that you repeated the great singularity, your interpretation of it, if you are blessed enough you will find that you shared it with those whose love is deep, they are your home to this world and your way out of it in peace. Death and birth, what ar

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