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321. We All Have Our Blind Spots, 11/12/2015
322. We Amplified Each Other's Desires 11/15/2015
323. We Are Love Is 9/20/2012
324. We Are Connected In More Ways Than We Know. 3/20/2016
325. We Are Flexible And Alive, 10/21/2012
326. We Are Life 4/7/2015
327. We Are Not Machines 6/27/2013
328. We Cannot Afford More Of This Modern Day Rome 11/6/2012
329. We Did Not Travel Through Universes Of Time Simply To Be Well-Adjusted Good Consumers 5/2/2013
330. We Enjoy Each Others Hiding Places For A While 4/7/2015
331. We Go From 8/21/2012
332. We Have 11/25/2015
333. We Have A Tendency To Ridicule And Attack One Another Harshly On The Deepest Levels 11/7/2012
334. We Have Powers, Abilities, Gifts That Only We Know Of, 8/26/2013
335. We Learned Even More From How We Are Lost 12/14/2015
336. We Promised The Light, 4/21/2013
337. What Did You Come Here To See 5/14/2013
338. What Good Is Freedom 11/19/2012
339. What If 6/9/2016
340. What Is It That Most People Do 12/13/2015
341. What Is It That We Experience 8/17/2011
342. What Privet And Tender Moments 10/19/2012
343. When Cherished There Is No Stopping Us 1/1/2016
344. When I Was A Child A Bully Would Challenge Me 10/21/2012
345. When Jesus Went To Jerusalem 5/15/2013
346. When We Love Sincerely, Generously And Deeply We Recreate Creation Again, 1/2/2013
347. When We Where Younger We Had So Much Priceless Wisdom 10/13/2012
348. When You Fee 12/8/2012
349. When You Love 5/27/2013
350. When You Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night With Long For Her Your Soul. 12/17/2015
351. Which Is You 1/2/2016
352. Without Love We Die 9/20/2015
353. Xena 8/7/2015
354. Yes, There Are Two Gods 8/18/2011
355. Yet Do Not Know 7/19/2013
356. You 12/12/2015
357. You Are Enough 11/11/2015
358. You Are Not Letting Them Die, They Killed Them Selves. 5/27/2013
359. You Are Perfect Just As You 10/27/2015
360. You But Not The Real You 7/5/2014
Best Poem of Anthony Cavuoti

You But Not The Real You

We are more then ego;
It is you but not the real you.
Ego is b (be) to C, no where near I yet.

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Just because they hurt like you,

does not mean it is alright for them to hurt you.

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