Aprajita Rana

Aprajita Rana Poems

1. Friends Or Foe 3/30/2009
2. My Dreams 3/30/2009
3. Friends 1/16/2010
4. Optimism 3/16/2010
5. A Bird's Life 3/28/2011
6. Horror Story 3/28/2011
7. Man Vs Wild 5/19/2011
8. Words 11/6/2011
9. I'M Happy 5/20/2014
10. Books Are No Friends 4/6/2009
11. The Sunrise 6/30/2009
12. Awake 10/19/2009
13. History Of Nature 2/3/2009
14. Time Is Precious 2/3/2009
15. When I Am Alone 5/15/2009
16. Quit Tobacco 6/30/2011
Best Poem of Aprajita Rana

Quit Tobacco

To try any form of tobacco when your friend says,
Remember with your life he is telling you to play,
Because an addict if you become any day,
Then your family will have to burn you away.

We all know tobacco kills,
No point in wasting your life like this,
You can do something much better,
Think about this it is serious matter.

You are human show some sense,
Or is tobacco giving you Mercedes Benz?
Quit tobacco right now,
Change your life from hell to wow.

I can only tell you what’s right,
But you are responsible for your life.
From ...

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Friends Or Foe

When I was swimming in a lake
I met a dragon on my way
He looked ferocious but he was sweet
We became friends and he gave me treats

We flew together now and then
I thought he was my best friend
I said no for meeting my old friends
He told me it was out of trend

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