Ashleigh Leona Mellon

Rookie (07/07/90- / Armadale, West Lothian, Scotland)

Ashleigh Leona Mellon Poems

1. Squall Leonhart 11/17/2006
2. My Friend, Ema Mcleary 5/3/2007
3. My New Life In The Future 2/25/2008
4. Kim Morton- My Best Friend 3/11/2008
5. Emotions In The Breeze 4/29/2008
6. The Rose 8/27/2008
7. Twist Of My Fate 5/31/2009
8. Look At Me! As I Am Going Through A Character Personality Change 6/3/2009
9. West Lothian College- The Time Of My Life 6/4/2009
10. My Life Changes- It's All About Uniqueness 6/4/2009
11. The Beat Of My Heart Will Go On In Shadow The Hedgehog 6/10/2009
12. The Wind Of Depression 9/11/2009
13. Armadale Academy... The Time Of My Life! 4/25/2007
14. The Time Of Your Life Is When You Are At Parties And Celebrations 5/2/2007
15. Love Me As I Am Now- A Poem From An Emo Kid's Heart 7/23/2009
16. Without You 10/14/2011
17. Black Roses Red 10/14/2011
18. Bright Eyes 10/17/2011
19. Tears In Heaven 10/17/2011
20. If Only Tears Could Bring You Back 10/17/2011
21. What Hurts The Most 10/17/2011
22. Friendships And Bffls 5/1/2007
23. The Way That Yu-Gi-Oh! Had Changed My Life 3/30/2007
24. Miseltoe And Wine 11/18/2011
25. White Christmas 11/18/2011
26. Keep Holding On 11/20/2011
27. 2009- Sad Last 4 Days 11/20/2011
28. Subsided Depression 12/15/2011
29. Light Up And Run 12/15/2011
30. Seasons In The Sun 12/15/2011
31. Love Is Hope 12/15/2011
32. Yesterday, Today And Tommorow 1/23/2012
33. Beat Again 2/1/2012
34. Will You Be There? 3/14/2012
35. Let The Earth Gracefully Shine Again 3/15/2012
36. He's Out Of My Life 3/16/2012
37. I'M Only Human 3/16/2012
38. The Day Bullying Reduced Me To Tears 3/17/2012
39. Alone In West Lothian 3/29/2012
40. Neverland Dreams 4/2/2012
Best Poem of Ashleigh Leona Mellon

May The Force Be With You (Dedication To Director Of Star Wars, George Lucas)

when I Think of the world famous movie saga, Star Wars
you'll also think about the droids, Sith Lords And Jedi Knights
the power of the force is strong within all of us,
the Force consists of micro living things called Midi Chlorians

Which gives A Jedi His Power
Think of Darth Vader
Think of Anakin Skywalker
even Luke and Leia

Heroes of the saga
think of the droids
R2-D2 And C-3PO
And Think Of The Clone Wars

also the most important side characters
Lando Carlrissan, Han Solo
and Even Jabba The Hutt and Padme Amidala
the weapons- ...

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Emotions In The Breeze

where to start?

sadness in poetry... it happens only when I am listening to tearjerking power ballads or watching a saddening match on WWE WrestleMania 24.
Happiness... when I dance and when I am with my family or friends
Anger... taking out my Frustrations... just ain't me
denial... not good to watch
loneliness... saddening to bear
singing these emotions in poetry so great to witness

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