Ayesha Sartawi

Rookie (21/dec/1989 / scotland)

Ayesha Sartawi Poems

1. Behind Invisible Bars 1/6/2008
2. By Love We Dare 1/6/2008
3. And I Walk... 1/9/2008
4. You Should Have Known Better 1/11/2008
5. It Is He... 1/11/2008
6. Makes You Wonder 1/11/2008
7. Could It Be Cold Out There? 1/11/2008
8. I Guess We Had Different Plans 1/19/2008
9. Craving Your Sight 1/19/2008
10. The Queen Is Made Queen 2/12/2008
11. A Some One Just For Me 6/13/2008
12. Valentine's Rose 7/17/2008
13. Who I Am? & What I Want? 10/8/2008
14. It Takes A Day To End 10/8/2008
15. Every Time I Get Over You 11/30/2008
16. When An Answer Is A Question 12/24/2007
17. True When False 12/24/2007
18. My Everything 12/24/2007
19. Healing Friendship 12/24/2007
20. Arabian Sacrifice 12/26/2007
21. Believe Me When I Say 12/26/2007
22. Blood, Guns And Crows 12/26/2007
23. Buried Rose 12/26/2007
24. Call Her Emotionally Paralyzed 12/26/2007
25. Destiney's Desire 12/26/2007
26. Funny In A Way 12/26/2007
27. Good Bye Less 12/26/2007
28. Perfect Night 1/2/2008
29. Without You 8/27/2010
30. Thoughts Of Mine 10/24/2010
31. Rainbow 10/24/2010
32. When It Hurts The Least 12/24/2007
33. Rest In Peace 12/24/2007
34. My Cage 12/24/2007
35. It's Still Funny Now 12/24/2007
36. Love-Ache 5/17/2011
37. A Missing Chapter 4/26/2011
38. Broken Pattern 11/30/2012
39. Angels Belong To The Skies 12/3/2012
40. For The Sake Of Our Memories 12/3/2012
Best Poem of Ayesha Sartawi

I Am Coming Home

Take my hand
and I will close my eyes
guide me home
and as a child
I will eagerly fantasize

It's been a long time since I've been home
and I hope I am nearly there
no matter how far you are, they say
home knows no race, no distance
home is fair

home is at the end of war
home is in the peaceful sun
home is in the mornings breeze
home is where it all began

Home is as unique as man
Beyond color and beyond dime
so Similar in different ways
beyond brick and beyond time

home is in a lover's arms
home is in between those ...

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Abandoned Heart

I haven’t been to my heart since you were last there
I haveng found the courage to since I had lost your care

But now its time to go back as its been too long
I think I am ready now but I am afraid to be wrong

I reluctantly enter through that narrow tunnel
over every mountain and cave on my camel

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