Bazi alis Subrata Ray

Veteran Poet - 1,874 Points (January / Formerly East Pahistan)

Bazi alis Subrata Ray Poems

161. In My Sky Float The Hawks. 7/19/2011
162. In My Temple I Am With My Darling Green. 3/5/2011
163. In Naught’s Garden 3/8/2011
164. In So Many Faces I Seek Love 7/29/2014
165. Irrecoverable Gap, Yet Immortality, -To The Departed Soul Of My Divine Mother Sabita Ray. 10/24/2012
166. Is Not She An Oasis On Mother Earth? By Ray Subrata 5/3/2011
167. It Is Christmas, But I Have Not The Pass. 12/23/2012
168. It Is Not Time To Write A Poem. 3/5/2011
169. Jan Mielke Schwartz, -The Lover Of The Mankind. 7/13/2015
170. Job In The Jobs. By Ray Subrata 5/3/2011
171. Joseph Conrad, -The Psychic Artist. 8/9/2012
172. Joy From Joyous Mind -To Jan Mielke Schwartz? 8/5/2013
173. Joyous Touch. 3/5/2011
174. Let Me Welcome His Will 9/18/2011
175. Let The Mind And The Limbs Be At Your Service 3/5/2011
176. Life! ! ! 8/19/2014
177. Light In The Dark Forest 6/24/2013
178. Linda Raymond Quirk And Her Love Divine 6/12/2011
179. Loneliness 1/24/2013
180. Lord Krishna And Radha’s Love 3/4/2011
181. Love After The Death Of The Black Snake. 9/25/2014
182. Love As Doctrine Of Karma Yoga 3/12/2011
183. Love For The Beloved. 7/16/2013
184. Love From Divine Lyre. 5/18/2013
185. Love From The Same Father 8/18/2014
186. Love In Love. 8/11/2013
187. Love In Lovers' Poetry 9/21/2014
188. Love In Woman. 3/5/2011
189. Love Is Ashes' Jar 11/10/2012
190. Love Is Liberation. 10/15/2012
191. Love Is Not Easy Thing. 3/5/2011
192. Love Making. 4/11/2011
193. Love Needs Mitigation. 8/23/2012
194. Love The Hearts’ Anchor . 7/15/2013
195. Love Under Nature's Wrath, -By Subrata Ray 6/11/2011
196. Love Unifies Fields. 3/20/2011
197. Love Without Cover, -To The Highness Of Arpita Divine 11/14/2012
198. Lover’s Flight 7/19/2011
199. Love's Milestones. 7/26/2013
200. Love's Seed Grows. 1/17/2013
Best Poem of Bazi alis Subrata Ray

Love For The Beloved.

Long before the clicking of time-clock,
When memory had no advent,
Your abstract image planted its reflection,
In the all mirrored prism of my soul.

I had many a query and musing,
On the occasional projections,
And silently condensed forms and figures,
Like the recovery of oblivious dreams.

In temple, church and caves, the same image,
The same exploration, more in wretched and outcast,
Had an impelling sway as if a drop of water holds thousand oceans,

Like the ardent cry of an widow damsel,
For a promised off-sea captain,
Or the ...

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Divine Touchstone

O Lord touch us with your Divine Touchstone,
Free us from mind’s disease, and morbid moan,
While in Naught’s garden we seek illusion’s fruits,
Pray you to convert our evils into hood,
Be kind enough to spoil our coveted happiness,
Curse that may appear, but that’s the ultimate bliss.

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