Bhavani Polimetla

Bhavani Polimetla Poems

1. Life Is Short, Running Like The Wind (Song) 9/13/2009
2. Little Angel Live Forever 9/13/2009
3. Sex Is Sexy (Song) 9/13/2009
4. Let Us Sing Glory (Song) 9/13/2009
5. I Lost My Life 9/13/2009
6. Take A Long Breathe 9/13/2009
7. I Love You 9/13/2009
8. Letter To God 9/13/2009
9. Who Left At The End? 9/13/2009
10. Choose To Be An Angel 9/13/2009
11. You Are My Hope (Song) 9/13/2009
12. Praise To You Jesus Christ (Song) 9/13/2009
13. There Is A War 9/13/2009
14. Why Should I Praise? 9/13/2009
15. This Is The Happy Moment 9/13/2009
16. Help Me Jesus (Song) 9/13/2009
17. Innocent Prisoner 9/13/2009
18. Jesus Loves Kids 9/13/2009
19. Fall Colors 9/13/2009
20. Today I Got Insulted 9/13/2009
21. Who Am I? 9/13/2009
22. Remarried 9/13/2009
23. The Word “divorce” Never Exists 9/13/2009
24. Prisoner Of Life 9/13/2009
25. Cross Is The Greatest Gift 9/13/2009
26. I Am The Witness 9/13/2009
27. The Road Never Ends 9/13/2009
28. Give Me The Hope 9/13/2009
29. You Are The Poet 9/13/2009
30. Riding In Well Of Death 9/13/2009
31. Don’t Hurt Again 9/13/2009
32. Prayerist 9/13/2009
33. Small Things ==> Big Difference 9/13/2009
34. I Am The Sinner (Song) 9/13/2009
35. Jesus Is The King 9/13/2009
36. I May See Another Day 9/13/2009
37. You Are The Chooser 9/13/2009
38. Christmas To Easter 9/13/2009
39. Let Me Come To You 9/13/2009
40. You And Me 9/13/2009
Best Poem of Bhavani Polimetla

Little Angel Live Forever

Little angel live like a star
Shine like a star, Laugh like a twinkle
Stand in the sky and show the path
Little angel live forever

Little angel be like a water
Accept the others faults, clean your own faults
Flow through the plains and quench the thirsty
Little angel live forever

Little angel be like a fire
Warmth the people when they are cold
Control yourself and give the comfort
Little angel live forever

Little angel be like a wind
Flow through the places and touch the people
Go through the flowers and spread the fragrance
Little angel...

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Take A Long Breathe

Take a long breath, walk slowly
Look at the flowers on sidewalks
Observe the birds on side by trees.

Take a long breath, eat slowly
Sense the smell & texture of food
Chew slowly to digest well

Take a long breath, bath slowly

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