Bhavani Polimetla

Bhavani Polimetla Poems

1. Choose To Be An Angel 9/13/2009
2. Christmas To Easter 9/13/2009
3. Cross Is The Greatest Gift 9/13/2009
4. Don’t Hurt Again 9/13/2009
5. Fall Colors 9/13/2009
6. Give Me The Hope 9/13/2009
7. Help Me Jesus (Song) 9/13/2009
8. I Am The Sinner (Song) 9/13/2009
9. I Am The Witness 9/13/2009
10. I Lost My Life 9/13/2009
11. I Love You 9/13/2009
12. I May See Another Day 9/13/2009
13. Innocent Prisoner 9/13/2009
14. Jesus Is The King 9/13/2009
15. Jesus Loves Kids 9/13/2009
16. Let Me Come To You 9/13/2009
17. Let Us Sing Glory (Song) 9/13/2009
18. Letter To God 9/13/2009
19. Life Is Short, Running Like The Wind (Song) 9/13/2009
20. Little Angel Live Forever 9/13/2009
21. Praise To You Jesus Christ (Song) 9/13/2009
22. Prayerist 9/13/2009
23. Prisoner Of Life 9/13/2009
24. Remarried 9/13/2009
25. Riding In Well Of Death 9/13/2009
26. Sex Is Sexy (Song) 9/13/2009
27. Small Things ==> Big Difference 9/13/2009
28. Take A Long Breathe 9/13/2009
29. The Road Never Ends 9/13/2009
30. The Word “divorce” Never Exists 9/13/2009
31. There Is A War 9/13/2009
32. This Is The Happy Moment 9/13/2009
33. Today I Got Insulted 9/13/2009
34. Water – Quarter 9/13/2009
35. Who Am I? 9/13/2009
36. Who Left At The End? 9/13/2009
37. Why Should I Praise? 9/13/2009
38. You And Me 9/13/2009
39. You Are My Hope (Song) 9/13/2009
40. You Are The Chooser 9/13/2009
Best Poem of Bhavani Polimetla

The Word “divorce” Never Exists

Divorce … Divorce…
Think that there is such thing never exist


Look at the girl twice before you choose
Think twice before you put the marriage ring
Once Marriage is done, it is forever.

Marriage is between two hearts,
If you marry for anything else,
There is no guarantee that it will stand

Marry for money, money can be lost
Marry for beauty, beauty can be lost
Marry for health, health can be lost
Marry for love, love can’t be lost
Look at the eyes and feel the heart
Love is there for you always


Marriage doesn’t ...

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Sex Is Sexy (Song)

Sex is sexy, Sex is tasty
Sex is fun, Sex is healthy
Sex is nice, Sex is happy
Sex is bright when you do it right.

God created two to enjoy
One with one, do it forever
Anything else is against his wish
Sex is bright when you do it right.

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