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41. You Are The Poet 9/13/2009
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The Word “divorce” Never Exists

Divorce … Divorce…
Think that there is such thing never exist


Look at the girl twice before you choose
Think twice before you put the marriage ring
Once Marriage is done, it is forever.

Marriage is between two hearts,
If you marry for anything else,
There is no guarantee that it will stand

Marry for money, money can be lost
Marry for beauty, beauty can be lost
Marry for health, health can be lost
Marry for love, love can’t be lost
Look at the eyes and feel the heart
Love is there for you always


Marriage doesn’t ...

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Sex Is Sexy (Song)

Sex is sexy, Sex is tasty
Sex is fun, Sex is healthy
Sex is nice, Sex is happy
Sex is bright when you do it right.

God created two to enjoy
One with one, do it forever
Anything else is against his wish
Sex is bright when you do it right.

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