Bijay Kant Dubey

Bijay Kant Dubey Poems

1. Kalbaisakhi, Nor'Wester, Where Do You Come From, Sir? -new- 4/26/2015
2. Kipling, See You, An Indian Sepoy Writing In English -new- 4/26/2015
3. I Am Old Matric, A Retired Military Man Of The British Period, Call Me A Poet -new- 4/26/2015
4. Where The Tower Of Silence? The Doongar Vari, The Cheel Ghar? -new- 4/19/2015
5. I Do Not Fear Even My Baap (Father) , But Them -new- 4/20/2015
6. What It Disturbs Is This They Are Calling Themselves Poets And Critics Of Indian English Poetry -new- 4/20/2015
7. Will The Spring Fall Silent? (Ii) -new- 4/22/2015
8. My Song Your Life -new- 4/22/2015
9. The Type Of Modern Indian English Poetry It Is -new- 4/24/2015
10. At Your First Sight (Iii) -new- 4/25/2015
11. Stephen Gill, Sitting From Canada -new- 4/25/2015
12. In Search Of Life And Its Meaning -new- 4/25/2015
13. Madam, My Poem Is Just A Copy Of Yours, I Mean Your Lovely Face 4/11/2015
14. O, What Is Your Name? Where Do You Live? -new- 4/12/2015
15. What Poetry Is It? Indo-Anglican Or Indo-Anglian? -new- 4/12/2015
16. A Nervous Girl Like You, I Love You, I Love And Like You -new- 4/13/2015
17. My God, You Do Not Tears To Anybody's Eyes -new- 4/13/2015
18. I Am So Sorry, So Sorry To Feel It That He Too Had Been Talented Like Me -new- 4/13/2015
19. A Minute's Silence, Observe You -new- 4/13/2015
20. Adil Jussawalla Tried To Say Goodbye To Poetry, But Couldn'T -new- 4/14/2015
21. Is There Anyone To Love The Soul? I Doubt -new- 4/14/2015
22. In The Temple Of Heart, I Want To Keep -new- 4/14/2015
23. I Regret, I Could Not Be A Man! -new- 4/15/2015
24. The Govt. Of India Cannot Recognize Me Nor Do I Look Up To -new- 4/15/2015
25. Poet Saheb, How Are You? -new- 4/15/2015
26. What Is I? -new- 4/16/2015
27. Who Can Say When Will It Get My Ticket Booked? -new- 4/16/2015
28. Writers Workshop, Calcutta By P.Lal; A Factory Of Poets & Poetesses -new- 4/17/2015
29. In Search Of Life, Where Have I Come To? -new- 4/17/2015
30. The Hollow Man, Modern Man The Hollow Man -new- 4/18/2015
31. Unknown Citizen, Make I The Statue Of Yours, Makes And Unmakes It -new- 4/19/2015
32. The Dark Daughter (A Memoir) -new- 4/19/2015
33. It Burnt To Ashes And It Remained It Not Anything To Be Called Of Mother -new- 4/19/2015
34. Into The Blazing Earth Of Chaitra And Baisakh, The Burning Heat Of The Months -new- 4/19/2015
35. Just A Few Words Of Sympathy, Just A Few Words Of Affection -new- 4/19/2015
36. In The Company Of The Flowers 3/20/2015
37. Your Photograph (Haiku) 3/20/2015
38. A Gallery Of Portraits (Haikus) 3/21/2015
39. At Your First Sight (Ii) 3/22/2015
40. A Poet He Knows It Not The 21st Of March As World Poetry Day 3/22/2015
Best Poem of Bijay Kant Dubey

The Song From The Heart

In a very sweet and sonorous voice, sing you, say you,
Said she the girl in a golden and nasal sound of her own,

Do you love me? Do you love me?
The voice coming from the heart and its deep within
Yes, I love you, I love you,
Came the answer reverberating from the other side.

Sing it again, ladies and gentlemen, said the announcer,
Do you love me? Do you love me?
Yes, I love you, I love you.

Do you love me? Yes, I love you.
Do you love me? Yes, I love you,
The beloved went on asking in a very singsong voice of her own
And the ...

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Where Is The Inn?

When the day closes up and it darkens around
With the thud and footfall
Of the night-time,
The bats beginning to fly,
Crowing and hanging downwards
From the branches of the trees,
I drop the pilgrimage
To take refuge in
From the dark nightfall,

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