Bijay Kant Dubey

Bijay Kant Dubey Poems

761. Ganjaraja And His Associates/Ganjaraja With The Ganjeris Moving Aroud Him/ Gangeris And Their Vyom Bhole 12/28/2014
762. Ganjeri (A Marijuana Smoker) 2/28/2014
763. Ganjeris, Bhageris And Darpiyas Kissing And Celebrating The Kiss Of Love 11/9/2014
764. Gathering Broken Glasses By I.H.Rizvi 10/1/2014
765. Gems Of English Poetry By Simanchal Patnaik 7/20/2014
766. Generally 8/10/2013
767. Gentleman, Who Are Peeping Through? Say You, Give Me Your Identity (A Frog Or A Lizard Or A Snake) 11/24/2013
768. George Orwell 3/28/2014
769. Girish Karnad, Folks' Icchadhari Naga-Naga Story Exploited You 1/10/2015
770. Girish Karnad, Your Nagamandala, Not Yours, But Archetypal, Racial And Ethnic 1/10/2015
771. Gitanjali & Our Classical Tradition 3/12/2014
772. Gitanjali And The Bhakti-Marga 9/22/2013
773. Give Me, My Olden & Antique Golden Statue Of Radha & Krishna 11/4/2014
774. Glimpses From Life 8/10/2013
775. Global Village 9/19/2014
776. Globalization And Its Impact On Indian English Poetry 3/13/2015
777. Goan Christian Dom Moraes 5/2/2014
778. God Even Takes To Not, The White-Clad Widows 9/1/2013
779. God Has Given 8/6/2013
780. God Has Given You Such A Face! (A God-Gifted Face Never Seen Before Really) 11/26/2013
781. God Is Great, I Too Know It, You Need Not Show 11/10/2013
782. God Knows Who Is What; What One Becomes? 8/11/2013
783. God Knows, Who Is Renowned & Who Unrenowned In Indian English Poetry? 11/29/2014
784. God Seems To Be A Classmate Of Tagore 3/11/2014
785. God, Cure You My Poetic Madness 10/24/2013
786. God, Even If They Are Not, I Shall Have To Say Them Milton, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Keats, Arnold, Tennyson, Eliot 3/9/2014
787. God, First Make Me A Man And Nothing Want I From You 12/14/2013
788. God, God Save You, Beautiful Ukraine 2/20/2015
789. God, Help The Poor Heart, O Jesu, Benevolent Jesu! , Jesus Christ! Help The Broken-Hearted Girl! , Take Care, Care Of Her, As She Is Poor And Ailing, God, Help Her, Help Her 8/16/2013
790. God, I Had Asked For A Red Rose 12/12/2013
791. God, If Find You Time, Make Me Not A Poet In My Next Birth 11/26/2013
792. God, If I Can Be Anyone's Help, This Much Is Enough 1/3/2015
793. God, Let It Never Happen That I Shall (I Still Believe You, I Still Love Her) 7/20/2014
794. God, Man And Nature As They Are In Gitanjali 3/11/2014
795. God, Return Me My Purity Of Heart, That Chastity Which Lost I 11/3/2014
796. God, Save From Indian English Poets 3/9/2014
797. God, Save Me From Duplicate India English Poets 5/30/2014
798. God, Save Me From Indian English Poets 5/2/2014
799. God, Save Me From Indian English Poets (Ii) 12/27/2014
800. God, Save Me From My Bengali Wife! / The Blunder Of My Life 10/13/2013
Best Poem of Bijay Kant Dubey

The Song From The Heart

In a very sweet and sonorous voice, sing you, say you,
Said she the girl in a golden and nasal sound of her own,

Do you love me? Do you love me?
The voice coming from the heart and its deep within
Yes, I love you, I love you,
Came the answer reverberating from the other side.

Sing it again, ladies and gentlemen, said the announcer,
Do you love me? Do you love me?
Yes, I love you, I love you.

Do you love me? Yes, I love you.
Do you love me? Yes, I love you,
The beloved went on asking in a very singsong voice of her own
And the ...

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Aapki Chahat Mein

Aapki Chahat Mein

Aapko chaha jo bahut
Aur chahat jo pyaar mein badal gayin
Aur mein karne laga aapse pyaar.

In Your Liking

I like you very much
And the liking turned it into my yearning
And started I loving you.

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