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Bijay Kant Dubey Poems

761. Chhoti-Moti Baatein (Bilingual) 11/6/2014
762. Childhood Days & Their Recollections 5/5/2015
763. Chors, Thugs, Goons In The Bihar Politics 11/2/2015
764. Christmas 12/25/2015
765. Christmas Poem 12/7/2014
766. Cine Stars 6/21/2014
767. Circus Artistes 8/8/2013
768. City-Life 4/5/2015
769. Classicism 3/31/2015
770. Classicism And Didacticism, The Classical Mood And Temperament, Indian Legacy And Heritage 9/2/2016
771. Classicism Is My Base 11/18/2014
772. Clay's Body 2/22/2015
773. Cleanse My Heart, Purge It, My Lord 2/24/2015
774. Cleanse Yourself 2/25/2015
775. Colonial Or Post-Colonial? 11/26/2014
776. Come, Come You And Dance, Dance You, Michael, Michael Jackson! Come, Come You And Dance, Dance You, Michael, Michael Jackson! 10/25/2015
777. Common Man Party Commonly Not, Uncommonly 3/13/2014
778. Communism 6/7/2015
779. Communism Is A Paradise For Comrades & Cadres, Not The Common Men 10/31/2015
780. Communism Of Unions 6/1/2014
781. Communism, Red Communism (Haiku) 2/6/2015
782. Communist Cobras 9/25/2014
783. Communist Cobras, I Fear Them Most 6/24/2015
784. Communist Goons 1/29/2015
785. Communist Manifesto, Should I Call It The Gita Or The Bible? 8/30/2013
786. Communist Prakash Karat Is Not At All A Good Man, To Criticize Is His Job 10/17/2014
787. Communists 7/4/2015
788. Communists Are Conspirators 8/2/2016
789. Communists Are Most Dangerous People 5/2/2016
790. Communists Are Most Dirty Men 12/3/2015
791. Communists Are Most Treacherous People, They Hatch Conspiracies In Party Offices 12/3/2015
792. Communists Are The Power-Hungry People 7/10/2014
793. Communists Are Very Notorious People 10/5/2014
794. Communists Know As And When To Eliminate The Non-Communists 6/7/2015
795. Communists Turn Autocratic And Dictatorial 12/26/2014
796. Communists, Very Bad Communists, Notorious People 8/17/2014
797. Comrade/ Cadre/Communist 1/5/2014
798. Conservative People Will Destroy The Culture Of America 12/15/2015
799. Conservatives Destroyed A Beautiful Iran 5/5/2016
800. Contemporary Indian English Poetry And The Poets 1/24/2014
Best Poem of Bijay Kant Dubey

Chand She Chandni (Moonlight From The Moon)

Chand she chandni,
Labon she hanshi,
Jigar she jo chahat,
Muhabbat she betaabi jo
Churana chahata hun.

Moonlight from the moon,
Smiles from the lips,
Desire from the heart,
Restlessness from love,
Want I to steal.

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Sylvia Plath

Sylvia, you the darling daughter of your daddy,
So much attached to and affectionate,
Lovely and emotionally alive,
Nervous and sentimental,
Ted Hughes, you could not feel it.

But the talent seemed to be beaming with
And breaking forth,
Dispelling all that was dark in consciousness

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