Bijay Kant Dubey

Bijay Kant Dubey Poems

761. Daru Mat Piyo, Bahut Adhik Daru Pike, Apne Aapko Barbad Mat Karo (I Say Do Not Take Daru, Taking Daru Spoil You Not Your Life...) 12/28/2015
762. Daru Mat Piyo, Bhaiyya (Do Not Take Country Liquor) 3/6/2016
763. Daru Mat Piyo, Said I, But Heard He Not, Went On Drinking More 9/9/2015
764. Daru Pikar 11/3/2014
765. Daru Pikar (Taking Indian Country Liquor Excessively) 3/9/2014
766. Daru Pikar Hero/ After Drinking Daru A Hero 11/2/2015
767. Daru Pikar Naya Varsha Shuru Karne Ka Erada Hain 12/28/2014
768. Daru Pikar, Say You Not, Happy New Year To You! 12/23/2014
769. Daru Piyo, Talk To The Girl And Do Naxalism In The Jadavpur Varsity Campus 10/21/2014
770. Daru, Ladki And Power, Three Things Of The Communists 11/5/2014
771. Daruman, Sells He Not, But Takes Too 4/8/2016
772. Daruwalla’s Book Of Memoirs And Reflections, Can We Expect From Him? 1/20/2014
773. Daruwalla’s Under Orion 8/13/2015
774. Daruwalla's Hawk 3/29/2015
775. Daughters Of Senegal, What It Marauds You, Pains The Poor Self Of Yours? 3/11/2015
776. Dawnbreak 4/17/2016
777. Dead Jackal 12/14/2013
778. Deepawali, The Festival Of Lights 11/10/2015
779. Dekho Magar Pyar She, Dekh Rahi Ho To? (See But With Love, Are You Seeing?) 11/16/2014
780. Deserted Picture Palaces 2/26/2016
781. Desire To Love An Arabic Muhammedan Girl 10/17/2014
782. Desperately In Search Of A Critic 10/21/2013
783. Devadasi 11/4/2014
784. Devadasi (Ii) 3/29/2016
785. Devadasi, You A Small Daughter 7/9/2014
786. Devastated Mankind 5/19/2015
787. Diana 4/30/2014
788. Did Adi Shankarachayra Not See Shiva In Kangal Rupa? (Context Is Of Dalit Literature) 11/17/2014
789. Dignity Of Labour 11/26/2015
790. Disco Dancer 6/29/2014
791. Dispossessed Nests By Jayanta Mahapatra 7/24/2014
792. Dividing You (On The Korean Day) 6/4/2015
793. Divorce -new- 4/21/2016
794. Dj, The Making Of A Dj 1/26/2015
795. Do Not Be Such A Guru 6/24/2015
796. Do Not Boycott Her Socially 11/30/2014
797. Do Not Break Her Heart 10/15/2014
798. Do Not Break My Heart 5/11/2014
799. Do Not Call Her A Prostitute, She Is Not Patita, But Punita 3/22/2015
800. Do Not Call Me A Poet 10/19/2014
Best Poem of Bijay Kant Dubey

Chand She Chandni (Moonlight From The Moon)

Chand she chandni,
Labon she hanshi,
Jigar she jo chahat,
Muhabbat she betaabi jo
Churana chahata hun.

Moonlight from the moon,
Smiles from the lips,
Desire from the heart,
Restlessness from love,
Want I to steal.

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The Great Night of Shiva
When He will go
With his groom's party
To marry Parvati,
A bridegroom seated on a bull
And matted,
with the sacred thread over
The bare body

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