Bijay Kant Dubey

Bijay Kant Dubey Poems

2401. Tagore’s Education 12/31/2013
2402. Tagore's Gitanjali 9/22/2013
2403. Take Daru And Call Yourself A Hero If Not Of The Bombay Theatre Then Of The Local Theatre 8/12/2013
2404. Take It Not Bad, This Is Holi 3/15/2014
2405. Take My Pay Packets, Pay Bands, Return My Past Humanism 10/27/2014
2406. Take The Bible And Say You, Confess And Accept You 8/9/2013
2407. Take The Bible And Say You, False Heart 8/8/2013
2408. Take The Pindas, O, You Forlorn Spirit, Soul! 1/12/2015
2409. Take You Daru And Kiss The Girl In The Public To Celebrate The Kiss Of Love 11/9/2014
2410. Taking A Break From Your Busy Schedule, Meditate You 12/26/2014
2411. Taking A Short Break From My Dull & Routined Life, Want I To Do A Break Dance To Say Goodbye To The Old Year 12/31/2013
2412. Taking Daru 10/5/2013
2413. Taking Daru, I Am Saying, Happy New Year To You And You Too Taking Daru, Saying, Happy New Year To Me! (A Drunkards' Party On The Eve Of The New Year) 12/26/2013
2414. Taking The Photograph Of The Girl, Sell You Not In The Market (Bilingual, Bengali To English) 10/12/2014
2415. Talent Is In You Too, This The Poets Cannot Feel It 12/24/2014
2416. Talent Is Not Only In Me 11/5/2014
2417. Tandava, Shiva Tandava 4/26/2015
2418. Tandava, Shiva Tandava (Ii) 4/26/2015
2419. Taron, Pariyon Ke Desh Meri Chandramukhi (My Chandramukhi From The Country Of Stars & Fairies) 12/17/2014
2420. Ta-Ta, Bye-Bye, Goodbye, Smiling, Saying And Going And Looking Back And Waving The Hands 9/6/2013
2421. Tears Had Been Falling From The Eyes And She Was Sobbing Silently Just To Ask 8/9/2013
2422. Ted Hughes 8/6/2013
2423. Tell Me, Who Is Great? 6/28/2014
2424. Temple Architecture 8/11/2013
2425. Teri Bheegi Palken (Your Wet Eye-Lids) 11/16/2014
2426. Terrorist 10/17/2014
2427. Terrorist (A Hindi Poem) 2/22/2015
2428. Terrorist, Whose Son Are You? 1/19/2015
2429. Thank God, I Could Not Be A Poet, Next I Shall Try My Best 9/15/2013
2430. Thank You, God, I Could Not Be A Ph.D. Guide Here In India Though I Tried My Best To Be! 11/19/2014
2431. That Girl In The Crowd 9/7/2014
2432. That Mad Girl 11/3/2013
2433. The Anxiety Of The Age And The Poet 8/10/2013
2434. The Terror Of Death 8/23/2013
2435. The Aap Activists Are Coming 3/18/2014
2436. The Aap And Its Agenda 3/16/2014
2437. The Aap Jokery- New Trends In Indian Politics 4/18/2014
2438. The Aap Men, Their Nukkad Sabha, Nautanki And Musical Chair Competition 1/20/2015
2439. The Aap Party And Its Musical Band Men 2/7/2015
2440. The Absent Authority And The Absent Poet 9/20/2013
Best Poem of Bijay Kant Dubey

Chand She Chandni (Moonlight From The Moon)

Chand she chandni,
Labon she hanshi,
Jigar she jo chahat,
Muhabbat she betaabi jo
Churana chahata hun.

Moonlight from the moon,
Smiles from the lips,
Desire from the heart,
Restlessness from love,
Want I to steal.

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The Dark Daughter

The Dark Daughter
The dark daughter, dark not, but beautiful,
Call her not dark,
As she dark not, my dark daughter,
Dark you, dark the world, the tales of Creation,
Dark, dark is Kali,
Not only you.

Dark daughter, you not only dark,

[Hata Bildir]