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2401. Sheikh Hashina's Umpiring During The World Cup Indo-Bangladesh Match 4/1/2015
2402. Sheikh Hasina's Umpiring Decisions 4/1/2015
2403. Shepherd Love 2/1/2014
2404. Shepherd Love, Where The Flower Of Yours? 11/25/2013
2405. Shiv K.Kumar 10/16/2013
2406. Shiva Ratri Is Coming 2/15/2015
2407. Shiva Ratri, The Night Of Shiva 2/17/2015
2408. Shiva Tandava 8/6/2013
2409. Shiva Tandava, I Want To See… 5/14/2015
2410. Shivapriya (Shiva-Blessed Beloved) 1/24/2014
2411. Shivoaham, Shivoaham, Shivoaham 6/7/2015
2412. Should I Call You Chandramukhi (Moon-Faced) Or Chandni (Moonlight) ? 9/30/2013
2413. Should I Kiss Her Or Not? 4/7/2014
2414. Shrill Calls 2/6/2014
2415. Shyama Kali 10/16/2013
2416. Shyama Kali, Bluish Kali -new- 8/31/2015
2417. Shyama Sangeet 10/10/2014
2418. Shyama Sangeet (Ii) 5/14/2015
2419. Silence, My Silence, Your Silence, The Silence Of Word 8/10/2013
2420. Silent Spring 1/26/2015
2421. Simanchal Patnaik As A Poet 2/19/2014
2422. Simanchal Patnaik's Bedroom Poems 8/10/2014
2423. Simanchal Patnaik's Delightful World Of Poems 8/10/2014
2424. Simanchal Patnaik's Sonnets & Other Poems 7/8/2014
2425. Since 1986, I'Ve Been Writing Poetry 7/7/2014
2426. Since I Have Seen Her Passing 4/11/2014
2427. Since I Have Seen You 9/29/2014
2428. Since I Saw You, I Have Not Forgotten You 6/10/2015
2429. Sing A Bihugeet, I Shall Hear And Go Away 4/8/2014
2430. Sing I The Song Of Love 10/23/2013
2431. Sir Calling Madam Great And Madam Reciprocating Sir 11/13/2014
2432. Sir Salman Rushdie 10/6/2013
2433. Sir Vidia 8/30/2013
2434. Sir Vidya In The Goggles, The Angry Old Man 12/30/2014
2435. Sir Vidya, Are You The Angry Old Man? -new- 8/18/2015
2436. Sir Vidya, I Love Your Beards Very Much, I Admire It, I Appreciate It -new- 8/18/2015
2437. Sir, There Is A Telegram For You 4/1/2015
2438. Sisterly Love Envisaged Through The Rakhi -new- 8/28/2015
2439. Sitakant Mahapatra 11/18/2014
2440. Sitaram Yechury's Politics, I Do Not Like It All 12/23/2014
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The Dark Daughter

The Dark Daughter
The dark daughter, dark not, but beautiful,
Call her not dark,
As she dark not, my dark daughter,
Dark you, dark the world, the tales of Creation,
Dark, dark is Kali,
Not only you.

Dark daughter, you not only dark,
Dark the world and the tales of it,
Dark the Creation
And the tales of it,
The Light coming out from the Womb of Darkness
And shining upon.

Dark daughter, dark you not,
Dark the Creation and the tales of it
Shrouded in myths and mysteries
And miracles flashing upon
To dawn.

Dark dark, dark ...

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Say, Do You Love Me?

Say, do you love me, love me,
Said she in tears,
Wiping them with one hand
And eye-lashes wet with, splashed with tears,
Saw I them slowly and sadly.

Say, do you love me, love me,
Asked she tearfully
And I could not,

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