Bill Mitton

Rookie (26-03-45 / Salford, England)

Bill Mitton Poems

1. Voices On The Edge Of The World (In Honour Of My Fellow Poets) 1/4/2006
2. To Slay The Dragon 1/2/2006
3. And So The Women Wept 1/4/2006
4. Your Children Are Always Your Children 7/16/2007
5. The Box From The Attic 1/9/2006
6. A Man Of Two Islands 1/4/2006
7. The Chosen 1/5/2006
8. The Pigeon Man 1/9/2006
9. The God Of Hedgehogs 12/29/2005
10. An Audience Granted 12/29/2005
11. The Song Of The Atheist 1/3/2006
12. A Chance Meeting 1/6/2006
13. To Make Stone Sing 1/13/2006
14. Sonar 1/4/2006
15. Days Like These 1/6/2006
16. Defying Gravity (Amongst Other Things) 1/10/2006
17. The God Of Albert Road 1/9/2006
18. A Question 1/21/2006
19. Albert Potter Is Not Dead! 1/13/2006
20. The Gorilla And David Attenbrough 1/13/2006
21. God's Dog 1/6/2006
22. And Then You Know 1/4/2006
23. The Jouney Of The Magi 12/26/2005
24. A Friendship Trilogy 1/4/2006
25. Young Sons 11/10/2011
26. The Waves Upon The Bass Rock 1/2/2006
27. The Eternal Circle 1/2/2006
28. The Memory Of A Smile 12/27/2005
29. Dancing Lightly On The Wind (In Memory Of George Best) 12/29/2005
30. The Scent Of God 1/4/2006
31. We Are The Champions! 1/21/2006
32. Roses In A Lions Den 1/3/2006
33. A Fool In All His Glory 1/3/2006
34. The Blessed Virgin Of The Late Night Store 1/4/2006
35. From The Study Window 1/5/2006
36. The Watering Can Incident 1/6/2006
37. The Black Mountain (Brecon, An Old Adversary) 1/6/2006
38. To Old To Be A Rebel 1/6/2006
39. Reportage 1/13/2006
40. Mythology! 1/14/2006
Best Poem of Bill Mitton

Voices On The Edge Of The World (In Honour Of My Fellow Poets)

It is how we are and who we are
that we live out here on the edge
the ragged rim of the world
It’s the nature of our vice
This dark self imposed isolation

Yet the paradox in it shines bright
As the isolation bears heavy
upon our pale and brittle skin
for unless we share our souls
there is but dust in what we do

Each staking a separate claim
along the river of the golden muse
and each naked in hand and heart
bares the working of a soul
tasting the ice in the edges isolation

yet from each site along the rim
the voices of comfort ...

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The Jouney Of The Magi

I have long know of their journey
learned at my mothers knee.
How the Magi travelled long and hard
To the land of Galilee
I never questioned why they went
on this journey so profound.
for I knew too of the Christ Child
who beneath a star they found.
Gold and Myrrh and Frankincense

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