Bill Mitton

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Bill Mitton Poems

1. Uncaring Shores 1/2/2006
2. Stranded Shoe 1/21/2006
3. Captive Of A Grecian Moon 1/21/2006
4. Bowled Over 1/21/2006
5. Allegiance. 1/5/2006
6. A Wet Squirrel 1/5/2006
7. The Moon And Icarus 1/5/2006
8. Life 1/6/2006
9. The Unsung Bell 1/6/2006
10. I Don'T Like Candied Peel! 1/6/2006
11. Questionable Horizons. 1/5/2006
12. Acid Reign 1/6/2006
13. A Name On A Wall 1/9/2006
14. The Stealing Of A Heart 1/13/2006
15. Mythology! 1/14/2006
16. Mobile Egyptian Deities 1/16/2006
17. The Death Of A Carpenter 7/13/2007
18. The Sword Of Mary (Extract From The Easter Suite) 9/13/2008
19. The Good Thief (From The Easter Suite) 9/13/2008
20. The Tears Of The Magdelane (From The Easter Suite) 9/13/2008
21. Thomas (From The Easter Suite) 9/13/2008
22. Songs Of Loneliness………….. And Resentment 1/10/2006
23. A Wonder In Sepia 1/10/2006
24. The Song Of Seti 1/13/2006
25. The 39 Years 10/9/2006
26. Poetry In Motion 10/10/2006
27. A Word With God 7/12/2007
28. Herbert 7/12/2007
29. Today I Stood By A River 5/23/2011
30. The Sound And The Texture 2/5/2010
31. With Open Palms 11/3/2011
32. Hope 11/4/2011
33. A Grey Perspective 11/4/2011
34. A Leap Of Faith 11/4/2011
35. Why Am I Standing In Front Of This Fridge? 11/4/2011
36. The Winds Of Troodos 11/7/2011
37. Geese In The Dawn 11/3/2011
38. The Winds Around Kilturra 1/6/2006
39. Within This Space 1/10/2006
40. The Twisted Man 11/3/2011
Best Poem of Bill Mitton

Voices On The Edge Of The World (In Honour Of My Fellow Poets)

It is how we are and who we are
that we live out here on the edge
the ragged rim of the world
It’s the nature of our vice
This dark self imposed isolation

Yet the paradox in it shines bright
As the isolation bears heavy
upon our pale and brittle skin
for unless we share our souls
there is but dust in what we do

Each staking a separate claim
along the river of the golden muse
and each naked in hand and heart
bares the working of a soul
tasting the ice in the edges isolation

yet from each site along the rim
the voices of comfort ...

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To Slay The Dragon

Throw off the soft cheeks of childhood
But not the joy nor laughter.
Let not the dragon's roar
stop your eyes and ears.
All that was fresh and wonderful, still is.
Keep them near, against the cold times

Hold to your dreams, no matter
who or what, do storm against them.

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