Treasure Island

Binoy Majumdar

(1934-2006 / Myanmar)

Poems of Binoy Majumdar

1. 1st July 1961 12/24/2013
2. 27th June 1961 12/24/2013
3. 8th March, 1960 12/24/2013
4. If You Never Come Again 12/24/2013
5. One with the Time 12/27/2013
6. The pain remained with me 12/24/2013
7. What Is Needed Is A Sudden Turn 12/24/2013

27th June 1961

Like wet gorges our feel
limited, confined; valleys, woods and hills
all covered in fog and clouds for the past few days.
Tell me how much of the multitudes of earthly taste
does the failed buds of a cat's tongue feel ?
Yet all the crisp and subtle, sharp experience,
like flower thorns or the incisiveness of orbits
of distant stars, of the far beyond.
Anyway, despite it, the stupendous air of the sky

[Hata Bildir]