Binoy Majumdar

(1934-2006 / Myanmar)

Poems of Binoy Majumdar

1. 1st July 1961 12/24/2013
2. 27th June 1961 12/24/2013
3. 8th March, 1960 12/24/2013
4. If You Never Come Again 12/24/2013
5. One with the Time 12/27/2013
6. The pain remained with me 12/24/2013
7. What Is Needed Is A Sudden Turn 12/24/2013

If You Never Come Again

If you never come again, never blow through these steaming regions
like cooling drifts of the upper air, even that absence is an encounter.
Your absense is as of the blue rose
from the kingdom of flowers. Who knows, some day
you may yet appear. Maybe you have, only you are too close.
Can I smell my own hair?
Marvellous sights have been seen.
A full moon was to have risen last night -
only a quivering sickle appeared!

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