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(03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Poems of Bob Gotti

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1175. Vibrant, Encouraging and Enduring 1/9/2013
1176. Victorious Living 10/25/2006
1177. Vigilant 12/18/2007
1178. Violence Fills The Earth 8/10/2012
1179. Vocal Change 5/13/2007
1180. Waiting For Change 4/7/2009


Friend worry is just Satan’s ploy, to rob you of your God given joy.
He may say that you have control, as he desires to ruin your soul.
Worry not; a command of The Lord, by many simply goes ignored.
Seek first The Kingdom of God, this He says with a confident nod.

Also seek His Righteousness, and He will fill your heart with bliss.
Seek Him first, my dear friend, and all will be yours come the end.
Your concerns to Him just release, and He’ll fill you with His peace.
His Peace that come

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