Bob Gotti

Rookie (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Bob Gotti Poems

1. He Was Truly Gracious To Me 7/4/2003
2. From The Cradle To Retribution 3/21/2004
3. One By One 4/29/2006
4. Corinthian Exhortation 5/1/2006
5. Groomed To Be Used 5/6/2006
6. Remember 5/22/2006
7. Veil Of Death 5/24/2006
8. When The Clouds Part 5/25/2006
9. No Need For The Lord 5/13/2006
10. Love Not Judge 5/17/2006
11. Pause For Reflection 6/1/2006
12. What Will The Pagans Say? 9/23/2004
13. Christ Suffered For Us 7/13/2005
14. His Righteousness Alone 3/27/2004
15. Snatch Them From The Fire 5/28/2003
16. Wise Men Still Seek Souls 7/4/2003
17. Casting All Your Cares 2/9/2006
18. Slow And Cautious 2/14/2006
19. What He Will Do 2/18/2006
20. I Go To God 2/22/2006
21. Testings 3/8/2006
22. Going Home 3/11/2006
23. The Gospel Truth 3/14/2006
24. This Land Is Mine 6/5/2003
25. Time To Be Revived 7/4/2003
26. Longing For Home 3/27/2006
27. Did You Ever Question Why? 10/29/2005
28. Please Understand 10/31/2005
29. The Seasons Reminder 11/3/2005
30. Pride Of Knowledge 11/4/2005
31. No One Is Good, No Not One 6/1/2003
32. Pearls To Swine 9/23/2004
33. The Eternal Trinity 9/23/2004
34. Looking For A Friend 12/10/2005
35. Christmas Cheer 12/14/2005
36. One Like Moses 12/17/2005
37. For Unto Us 12/19/2005
38. What’s Up Yonder? 12/24/2005
39. Praise Christ Jesus 12/28/2005
40. Transported To The Sky 12/30/2005
Best Poem of Bob Gotti

A Cord Of Three Strands

I have one lovely woman in my life, but we have a marriage of three.
The life long bond of our marriage is my wife, Jesus Christ, and me.

This is not simply a well known cliché, a phrase, or a simple token,
For Solomon said that a cord of three strands is not easily broken.

And when I include in my life, my two sons, I have a family of five,
For in the center is Jesus Christ who helps my entire family thrive.

The church that we attend is not just men and women under a steeple,
For the power we derive from Jesus Christ makes us a special people.

Even ...

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Behold The Lamb

We are told to behold The Lamb, sent to the earth by the great I Am,
To behold the very Lamb of God, who will soon rule with an iron rod.
He was the Lamb not many knew, was sent to earth for me and you,
The One who left a Glorious Throne, only to be rejected by His own.

The Lamb who took away our sin, although none was found in Him.
Indeed the only blameless sacrifice, was the God Man Jesus Christ.
Behold God’s amazing sacrifice, given so we may have Eternal Life,
The Lord above paid

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