Brianna King

Brianna King Poems

1. Guarantee 2/12/2008
2. Where Are You Tonight? 2/12/2008
3. Lies (Broken Inside) 2/12/2008
4. I Need You 2/12/2008
5. Part Of The Wall 2/12/2008
6. Rose Petals 2/12/2008
7. What About Today? 2/12/2008
8. The Game Of Pain 2/12/2008
9. With A Friend Like You 2/12/2008
10. Beautiful Love 2/12/2008
11. We Were Meant To Be 2/12/2008
12. Turn Back Time 2/12/2008
13. Lovely Lullaby 2/12/2008
14. Lets Take The Long Way Home 2/12/2008
15. Shadows 2/12/2008
16. No Dream 2/12/2008
17. If This Is A Dream 2/12/2008
18. Revenge 2/12/2008
19. Little Bird 2/12/2008
20. Angel (Help Us) 2/12/2008
21. I Will Miss You 2/12/2008
22. I Never Get My Way 2/12/2008
23. Take My Paper Heart 2/12/2008
24. Fly Sky High 2/12/2008
25. I'M Falling For You 2/12/2008
26. Don'T Let Me Down 2/12/2008
27. No Matter What 2/12/2008
28. No Place Like Home 2/12/2008
Best Poem of Brianna King

No Place Like Home

I am going to run away
I can't stand the place where I am living now
They say there is no place like home
But what happens (what happens)
If they don't want you there?

No place like home
No place like home
That is where I like to be
But my family doesn't want me
No one [really] loves me
But I want to go home

When you think like this
Close your eyes and think again
What is out there?
(*low voice* robbers, killers, rapists)
That is not were I want to be

No place like home
No place like home
That is where I like to be

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Where Are You Tonight?

What if the world stop turning
And the sun never came up
And flowers all died
And the air slipped away

Would you find me?
To spend the last seconds of are lives together

Where are you tonight? Where you are the life is slipping away

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