Bridget Bush

Rookie (12/08/1982 / Pittsfield, Il)

Bridget Bush Poems

1. Dream A Little Scream For Me 6/12/2005
2. A Few More Days 6/12/2005
3. Dirty Little Cut 6/12/2005
4. This Smiling Face 6/12/2005
5. Finished Chapter 6/12/2005
6. My Little Muse 6/12/2005
7. Urn's Heart 6/12/2005
8. Little Girl 6/12/2005
9. Broken Friendship 6/12/2005
10. Night Of Sentencing 6/12/2005
11. Methodist Priest 6/12/2005
12. Drunk 6/12/2005
13. The Music 6/12/2005
14. Drowning 6/12/2005
15. Nymph Of Ten And Twenty Two Years 6/12/2005
16. After The Five Days Of Bliss 6/12/2005
17. Nothing Is Sweeter Than That 6/12/2005
18. Catholic Heretic 10/30/2005
19. I Made Grammy Cry! 10/30/2005
20. Breakdown 6/15/2005
21. Abuse Means Love 6/15/2005
22. Pretty Little Meth Heads All In A Row 6/15/2005
23. Dry 6/16/2005
24. But A Sip 9/29/2005
25. Open Door 9/29/2005
26. Don'T I Know You? 9/29/2005
27. She Is But Dead To Me 9/30/2005
28. Profound Revelation 9/30/2005
29. 'I Love Yogurt' 9/30/2005
30. Your Drunken Philosophy 9/30/2005
31. Just That One Thing As Told To Me By Anita 9/30/2005
32. No Trust Realization 9/30/2005
33. Errs 10/1/2005
34. I'Ll Find Myself 10/1/2005
35. Cole, Cole Get Up Off Of Your Knees 10/1/2005
36. Wait For Me 10/1/2005
37. Pardon Me While I Laugh 6/12/2005
38. Jealousy 6/12/2005
39. Vicodin: A Quitters Dilemma 6/12/2005
40. Bryar 10/26/2005
Best Poem of Bridget Bush

Kiss You, Touch You, Feel You, Want You

You've got me burning
My mind's wheels keep turning
No matter how hard I've tried
I always find myself tongue tied
mmm tongue tied with yours
my libido soars
touching you, touching me
you're all that I see
lying naked in my bed
can't get that image out of my head
kiss me, touch me,
feel me, want me
I can still smell your scent
and all my energy's spent
trying really hard not to care
yet I still feel your fingers in my hair
My hair draped over your face
it wasn't the time or place
me on top of you
it was all I could do
to not ...

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You think we're close
I think we're half way there
I try to stay busy
Therefore you think I don't care
That's not the case, just don't want to be bored
I ahve a live outside of you
I need my alone time, my own space
But you think I should be involved in all you do
You call me your best friend

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