brittany mckay

brittany mckay Poems

1. Graduation 7/30/2009
2. Being together 7/30/2009
3. Why me? 7/30/2009
4. I dont get it 7/30/2009
5. Sleepless 7/31/2009
6. Worring 8/4/2009
7. Wrong 9/13/2009


Remember the time, when we sat on the swings, and told eachother our lives?
Well at this moment i had wished i could have said my good-byes..
At this very second i am lying on the ground crying my eyes out...
In an hours time, i wont be able to sleep..
Your face haunts me like a scary mask..
in my dreams you always win..

Remember the time, when we went to the dance, and you held my hand?
well at that moment i could barly stand..

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