C R Clark

Rookie - 1 Points (1946 / Arkansas)

C R Clark Poems

1. The Hunt 2/2/2008
2. Springtime Meadow 2/2/2008
3. Shaking The Boat 2/2/2008
4. There's A Land God Has Promised Those That Serve Him 2/2/2008
5. The Times They'Re Always Changing 2/15/2008
6. Thunder Rolz (Haiku) 3/14/2008
7. Perfect Camo (Haiku) 3/14/2008
8. Seems Natural To Me To Be Drawn To The Wild 3/7/2008
9. I Revel In This Moment 3/16/2008
10. The Dark Horse Is Joe T 3/21/2008
11. For The Good Of Mortal Man 3/21/2008
12. Quick Retorts 3/22/2008
13. Old Dobber 4/19/2008
14. Me And Lew 4/19/2008
15. Ph, To Me 5/2/2008
16. I Search For My Love 5/16/2008
17. Odie Bought The Farm 5/24/2008
18. Salvation Is Forever 5/24/2008
19. The Demon’s Embrace 5/31/2008
20. Switches, Pop, And Persimmon Rockets 6/20/2008
21. Simpler Times 7/6/2008
22. The Monarch 3/22/2008
23. We Valentines 2/13/2008
24. Smiling Eyes 2/15/2008
25. Solitude 3/7/2008
26. Success 2/23/2008
27. Dee, The Young Master’s Mare 3/16/2008
28. Little Dude’s Treasure 4/18/2008
29. Knave Of The Watery World 4/18/2008
30. In Stealth I Sit, In Forest Deep 5/9/2008
31. Bethel’s Redemption 5/2/2008
32. The Assault On The Innocents 5/3/2008
33. Coco 3/7/2008
34. Winona 2/23/2008
35. Girls Look Great In Camo 2/11/2008
36. Tornado 2/16/2008
37. Marbles (Circa '54) 2/2/2008
38. Illumination 3/14/2008
39. Testimony 3/28/2008
40. Great Day On The Stand 4/25/2008
Best Poem of C R Clark


Each day she sits in a rolling chair
Constrained by straps to avert a spill
Not knowing who or where she is
Not knowing those who love her still

Not knowing if it’s cold outside
Or if the sun does shine this day
Not knowing, since that awful time
Her memory was rudely swept away

Her day is filled with dull routine
Of nurses, pills, food, soft and flat
She cannot eat, so must be fed
Alzheimer’s toll is truly sad

But once she was young and full of life
She loved to laugh and play and sing
Walk barefoot through the meadow grass
Ride horses,...

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Hog Killing Time

It always happened in the fall of the year
When the temperature dropped and left a chill in the air
We’d pile fire wood round the old wash pots
Fill ‘em up with water and get it real hot
The hog was stuck while still in the pen
Then hoisted up and laid on a sled
With a horse or tractor we’d pull’m on up
As near as we could to the hot wash pots
We’d cover‘m with tow sacks to hold in the heat

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