Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

(22 March 1808 – 15 June 1877 / London)

Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton Poems

41. Sonnet Xiv 4/15/2010
42. Sonnet Xix 4/15/2010
43. Sonnet Xv 4/15/2010
44. Sonnet Xvi 4/15/2010
45. Sonnet Xvii 4/15/2010
46. Sonnet Xviii 4/15/2010
47. The Arab's Farewell To His Horse 4/15/2010
48. The Autumn Wind 4/15/2010
49. The Banner Of The Covenanters 4/15/2010
50. The Blind Man’s Bride 4/15/2010
51. The Boatswain’s Song 4/15/2010
52. The Bride 4/15/2010
53. The Captive Pirate 4/15/2010
54. The Careless Word 4/15/2010
55. The Chapel Royal St. James’s, On The 10th February, 1840 4/15/2010
56. The Child Of Earth 4/15/2010
57. The Child Of The Islands - Autumn 4/15/2010
58. The Child Of The Islands - Conclusion 4/15/2010
59. The Child Of The Islands - Opening 4/15/2010
60. The Child Of The Islands - Spring 4/15/2010
61. The Child Of The Islands - Summer 4/15/2010
62. The Child Of The Islands - Winter 4/15/2010
63. The Christening 4/15/2010
64. The Cold Change 4/15/2010
65. The Creole Girl; Or, The Physician’s Story 4/15/2010
66. The Crooked Sixpence 4/15/2010
67. The Dream 4/15/2010
68. The Dying Hour 4/15/2010
69. The Faithful Friend 4/15/2010
70. The Faithful Guardian 4/15/2010
71. The Faithless Knight 4/15/2010
72. The Fallen Leaves 4/15/2010
73. The Fever-Dream 4/15/2010
74. The Forsaken 4/15/2010
75. The Future. 4/15/2010
76. The German Student’s Love-Song 4/15/2010
77. The Greek Girl’s Lament For Her Lover 4/15/2010
78. The Hunting Horn Of Chalemagne 4/15/2010
79. The King Of Denmark’s Ride 1/1/2004
80. The Lady Of La Garaye - A Threnody 4/15/2010
Best Poem of Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

My Heart Is Like A Withered Nut!

MY heart is like a withered nut,
Rattling within its hollow shell;
You cannot ope my breast, and put
Any thing fresh with it to dwell.
The hopes and dreams that filled it when
Life's spring of glory met my view,
Are gone! and ne'er with joy or pain
That shrunken heart shall swell anew.

My heart is like a withered nut;
Once it was soft to every touch,
But now 'tis stern and closely shut;--
I would not have to plead with such.
Each light-toned voice once cleared my brow,
Each gentle breeze once shook the tree
Where hung the sun-lit ...

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An Emblem Of Life

Oh! Life is like the summer rill, where weary daylight dies;
We long for morn to rise again, and blush along the skies:
For dull and dark that stream appears, whose waters in the day,
All glad, in conscious sunniness, went dancing on their way.
But when the glorious sun hath 'woke, and look'd upon the earth,
And over hill and dale there float the sounds of human mirth;
We sigh to see day hath not brought its perfect light to all,
For with the sunshine on those waves, the silent shadows fa

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