Treasure Island

Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

(22 March 1808 – 15 June 1877 / London)

Poems of Caroline Elizabeth Sarah Norton

101. The Rock Of The Betrayed 4/15/2010
102. The Sense Of Beauty 4/15/2010
103. The Tryst 4/15/2010
104. The Undying One' - Canto I 4/15/2010
105. The Undying One - Canto II 4/15/2010
106. The Undying One - Canto IV 4/15/2010
107. The Undying One- Canto III 4/15/2010
108. The Visionary Portrait 4/15/2010
109. The Wanderer Looking Into Other Homes 4/15/2010
110. The Widow To Her Son’s Betrothed 4/15/2010
111. The Winter’s Walk 4/15/2010
112. They Loved One Another 4/15/2010
113. To Ferdinand Seymour 4/15/2010
114. To The Lady H.O. 4/15/2010
115. Twilight 4/15/2010
116. We Have Been Friends Together 1/1/2004
117. Weep Not For Him That Dieth 4/15/2010
118. When Poor In All But Hope And Love 4/15/2010
119. Would I Were With Thee! 4/15/2010

An Emblem of Life

Oh! Life is like the summer rill, where weary daylight dies;
We long for morn to rise again, and blush along the skies:
For dull and dark that stream appears, whose waters in the day,
All glad, in conscious sunniness, went dancing on their way.
But when the glorious sun hath 'woke, and look'd upon the earth,
And over hill and dale there float the sounds of human mirth;
We sigh to see day hath not brought its perfect light to all,
For with the sunshine on those waves, the silent shadows fa

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