Treasure Island

Charlotte Riddle

Poems of Charlotte Riddle

1. Down On Bourbon Street 1/12/2006
2. Ducks of Equality 4/9/2006
3. Judgement 8/1/2005
4. Not That Girl 12/28/2005
5. O Jazzman 10/22/2005
6. Sweet Swingin' Jazz Band 11/14/2005
7. Thin Red Lines 11/6/2005
8. Trumpet Solo 12/2/2005

Trumpet Solo

Sweet trumpet solo
Makes my heart swell
Filling me with lovely bliss
The happiness
Floods my veins,
my mind,
my soul,
and I’m lost in a
delicious fantasy
with my Jazzman
Making my heart beat faster
And my whole-being
soars with ecstasy

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