Chibueze Oscar Osuji

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Chibueze Oscar Osuji Poems

1. Mute Talking Drum 8/1/2014
2. Blank Depression 8/1/2014
3. Ode To Envy 8/1/2014
4. My Maiden's Love Is Like A Cloud In June 8/1/2014
5. Ode To The Iroko Dryad 8/2/2014
6. Maiden Of Ekwensu 8/2/2014
7. To Love A Woman 8/2/2014
8. To Come To Know 8/2/2014
9. Aletheia 8/2/2014
10. Hollow Lunar 8/2/2014
11. Of A Hemlock Drink 8/2/2014
12. Sainthood For Mr Sinnerman 8/2/2014
13. Lament On The Christ: Holy Lamentum Iv 8/3/2014
14. Song Of Solomon I (Chapter 1: 1-17 Re-Written And Done Into Verse And Metric Form) 8/3/2014
15. Blank Lines Written Behind The Curtain 8/3/2014
16. Battallion And Amnesty 8/4/2014
17. Jove Of Love Ii 8/4/2014
18. Jove Of Love I 8/4/2014
19. A Reminder Of Home 8/5/2014
20. The High Priest's Saga 8/5/2014
21. A Plague 8/5/2014
22. A Little Love Bud Of Mine 8/5/2014
23. A Chorus Of A Waiting Maiden 8/5/2014
24. Doing The Dying 8/6/2014
25. Epistle Of Episteme: Prologue 8/6/2014
26. We Love It Here O' Idyll 8/6/2014
27. A Dialogue: Two Fellows In One World 8/8/2014
28. Riverine Afloat 8/10/2014
29. Hillock Beings 8/10/2014
30. Aplenty Prints And Sonnet(S) I 8/10/2014
31. Fire-Land 8/10/2014
32. In A Courtyard 8/10/2014
33. Ode To The Unborn 8/10/2014
34. Man Of The South 8/11/2014
35. Rubicon Crossing 8/11/2014
36. The Old Gods 8/11/2014
37. Street Light 8/11/2014
38. Forgiving Solitude 8/13/2014
39. Balancing Today 8/13/2014
40. I Am Not Human 8/13/2014
Best Poem of Chibueze Oscar Osuji

Purple Flowers

To plant purple flowers as the corridor
Of a big ranching range of a manor-
Mansion: Soft spankling purplish phyta and-
Lovely, I would love to grasp with my hand
To feel the entrancing purple colour.

Day to day, I glance at the vineyard's law
Which tells neither can the flowers be pluck'd, nor
Can they be tak'n away to a new land,
To plant purple flowers.

I wrote a dear note to a farmhouse for
A few purple flowers perhaps two or more,
To be sent to me by a mailing band
(Hidd'n away for the vineyard's law had bann'd...)
I secretly kept a place ...

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Maiden Of Ekwensu

The wind blew outside and inside
Into darkness and anti-light
Hell's hut prevail'd and part aside
To reveal Ekwensu in sight,
When comely time was never right,
On its beat on the village sphere,
Anti-clockwise it spun around,
From Ekwensu's hut that lies there
In a vale just below the ground

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