Treasure Island

Chris Forhan

(1959 - / Seattle, Washington)

Poems of Chris Forhan

1. A Child's Guide to Etiquette 3/19/2012
2. Billet-Doux 3/19/2012
3. Gouge, Adze, Rasp, Hammer 1/13/2003
4. Last Words 3/19/2012
5. Late Meditation 3/19/2012
6. My Almost-Daughter, my Nearly-was Son 3/19/2012
7. Prayer's Before Sleep 3/19/2012
8. Vanishing Act 3/19/2012

Late Meditation

Night again, and I'm not impressed:
the blurred cedar, blowzy in her black dress,
the bat's manic acrobatics -- he tries too hard --
the hooligan raccoon routing in the brush,
and above all this the familiar, gaudy
glitter of the stars. Once I felt invited
to praise these things. Once I felt obliged.
Inviolable night, I said. Love's rustling curtain.
My hornbook, my slow ship to stow away on.

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