Cindy J.M.S

Cindy J.M.S Poems

1. Follow Through 9/1/2012
2. Beloved Destroyer 9/1/2012
3. Angelic Lion 9/1/2012
4. The Lake 9/1/2012
5. Scorpion King 9/1/2012
6. My Friend 10/1/2012
7. Fires Of Hell 10/2/2012
8. Be 10/2/2012
9. Projection Of Intention 10/2/2012
10. The Burial 10/2/2012
11. Yesterday 10/2/2012
12. Dawning Of A New Day 9/1/2012
13. Reaching Limits 9/1/2012
14. God Knows God? 11/18/2012
15. Whisper 4/18/2013
16. Changing Ways 4/18/2013
17. Essence 4/18/2013
18. Sacred Devotion 4/18/2013
19. 15 4/18/2013
20. Walking Dead 9/1/2012
21. Swan Lake 9/1/2012
22. Death By Choice 4/18/2013
23. To Be Reborn 6/15/2013
24. A Brighter Day 4/18/2013
25. Do Not Stand At My Grave 9/1/2012
26. Père Lachaise 11/5/2012
27. Choir Of Angels 9/1/2012
28. Down By The Riverside 9/1/2012
Best Poem of Cindy J.M.S

Down By The Riverside

A question to ask, to wrap around one's head
Dressed in white, fade to black
The second I raise, I forget
In the valley of the deep
Raging rivers never sleep
Untouched greatness meets defeat
Lost in battle, both shall weep
In silence it pours
Behind a veil of masked illusion
Seeking comfort through delusion
Yet no sound when water breaks
When Madness Raises up the stakes
Delusion conquers
Raging rivers never sleep
Beds are open, time to reap
To ask for answers from the deep
When we go wide, forget to weep

In silence ...

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Reaching Limits

Time has come to surrender, to lay myself to rest
I must confess that I have been walking backwards
Shielded from the light, projecting it through mirrors of Iron
In the blackest of nights

Facing the lie it sets my soul ablaze
Stepping out of the haze of past aches
No longer being able to relate to what once guided me
It must be set free to welcome the new

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