Daleen Enslinstrydom

Rookie - 61 Points [Daleen EnslinStrydom] (25-02-1967 / Springs, South Africa)

Daleen Enslinstrydom Poems

1. Your Penned Words Do Inspire Me 6/5/2014
2. Your Eyes 10/29/2013
3. Your Butterfly Kisses From Your Strawberry Lips 5/28/2013
4. You Are My Summer Sun 4/5/2013
5. You Are My Resting Place 7/15/2013
6. You Are More 8/1/2013
7. You Are A Part Of My Forever Summer 8/13/2014
8. Yesterday’s Old Comfortable Coat 7/29/2013
9. Words Written On Paper 8/21/2013
10. With The Breaking Dawn 12/30/2013
11. With Begging Hands 3/5/2013
12. Winter 10/28/2013
13. Winds, Chilliness Brings A Feeling 10/23/2013
14. Winds Of Change 2/19/2013
15. Will They Remember? 6/9/2014
16. Will Somebody Pleas Take Me? 7/8/2013
17. Why Do Words Not Come Easy To Me? 5/29/2014
18. White Painted Houses 2/6/2013
19. Where The Butcher-Bird Observes Everything 1/25/2013
20. Where Have All The Roses Gone? 6/21/2013
21. When You Did Come Back To Me 1/19/2014
22. When The Stars Play Hide And Seek 12/18/2013
23. When The Red Roses Starts Flowering 10/1/2013
24. When The Night Comes 12/3/2013
25. When The Morning Breaks 8/15/2013
26. When The Last Roses Flower In May 5/19/2014
27. When The Choir Begins To Sing 6/17/2014
28. When Jacaranda Flowers Fall 2/12/2014
29. When I Look Into Your Blue Eyes 10/4/2013
30. When I Do Awake Next To You 3/19/2015
31. When At Times I Hear The Sad Songs Of Life 12/5/2013
32. What Will I Call You 6/10/2013
33. What Is In A Name? 6/20/2013
34. What Happiness Means 6/7/2013
35. What Does It Avail Me? 4/3/2013
36. Vanity 3/11/2013
37. Unknown Life-Journey 11/4/2013
38. Under The Shade Of The Big Old Oak Tree 12/8/2013
39. Two Ships 3/15/2013
40. Two Oranges 11/6/2013
Best Poem of Daleen Enslinstrydom

The Hands Of A Farmer

I have known those hands all of my life
and many times I have looked at those hands,
at big rough hands that worked the fields
and calluses in their palms tell a own story
and the fingers are big
and when they grab they hold on.

Those are very strong hands
but they are gentle when they touch the family.
Those hands sowed the wheat
and harvested the sheaves,
those hands planted maize
and brought home the first ripe corn.

Those hands brought life,
helped the cow that struggled during birth,
those hands carried the lambs
to a place of ...

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When twilight falls
and shadows stretch like days without end
there is a place in the garden
where I come to rest

while the sun colours the sky
from blue to dove-grey,
the day draws to an end
and the sun changes to a glistening ball

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