Daleen Enslinstrydom

Rookie - 61 Points [Daleen EnslinStrydom] (25-02-1967 / Springs, South Africa)

Daleen Enslinstrydom Poems

1. A Bouquet Of Flowers For My Sister 1/23/2014
2. A Dew Fresh Morning 12/12/2013
3. A Disposition Towards Him 10/3/2013
4. A Dwelling Place For My Heart 4/4/2013
5. A Female Friend 4/24/2013
6. A Grandma Is 4/2/2014
7. A Granny Without An Apron 11/12/2013
8. A Gypsy Song 4/29/2013
9. A Haunting Night 8/8/2013
10. A Jack-Russell Called Jack 4/9/2013
11. A Jack-Russell Called Jack [1] 4/9/2013
12. A Living Icon 7/3/2013
13. A Lonely Birthday 5/22/2013
14. A Mother’s Work Is Never Done 5/10/2013
15. A Mother’s Work Is Never Done [1] 5/10/2013
16. A New Tomorrow 11/20/2013
17. A Place In The Sun 3/14/2013
18. A Puppet 12/30/2013
19. A Rainbow Over The Plains Of Africa 12/2/2013
20. A Silent Prayer 12/9/2013
21. A Small Angel With A Bucket Full Of Stones 7/9/2013
22. A Stormy Winter Night 3/26/2013
23. A True Love Story 11/18/2013
24. A Winter Memory 4/15/2013
25. After A Drenching Rainy Night 4/22/2013
26. Against The Winter And The Storms Of Life 6/12/2013
27. Alone 2/21/2013
28. Am I My Brother’s Keeper? 11/14/2013
29. An Angel Between Trees 11/18/2013
30. An Angel Brought Us Home 7/24/2013
31. Answer Me In Rainbow Coloured Dreams 2/4/2013
32. Arabic Nights 3/19/2013
33. Arabic Nights [1] 3/19/2013
34. As The Sun Sets Over The Heated Planes Of The Savannah 3/1/2013
35. At A Time I Was A Big Oak Tree 10/15/2013
36. Autumn 3/31/2014
37. Behind The Lace Curtains 2/24/2014
38. Being Infatuated With Love 6/28/2013
39. Betrayed By Love 1/31/2013
40. Bluebells Dance In The Wind 1/17/2014
Best Poem of Daleen Enslinstrydom

Under The Shade Of The Big Old Oak Tree

Under the shade of the old oak tree Jafta sit
and his mind wanders back as he reflects on his life
while the sun sets in the west.
He is overcome with sorrow to braking point,
he knows his time is running out and that the sun
of his own life is also setting
and that there is no return.

Life was so much easier
when he was stile younger,
yesterday is gone
and it will never return.

His eyes are weary and he looks downhearted,
he does not even see his beloved grassland
and does wonder why life does have to hurt so much?
He gazes into ...

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When twilight falls
and shadows stretch like days without end
there is a place in the garden
where I come to rest

while the sun colours the sky
from blue to dove-grey,
the day draws to an end
and the sun changes to a glistening ball

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