Daleen Enslinstrydom

Rookie - 149 Points [Daleen EnslinStrydom] (25-02-1967 / Springs, South Africa)

Daleen Enslinstrydom Poems

121. Life Sets Its Own Pace 5/20/2013
122. Life’s Canvass 7/17/2013
123. Little Peanut Papaw 4/25/2013
124. Longing For The Sea 1/14/2014
125. Look At Me Through The Father’s Eyes 4/26/2013
126. Love Do Demand More From You 5/7/2013
127. Love Does Conquer All 7/26/2013
128. Love Does Conquer All [2] 7/26/2013
129. Love Has Its Own Language 5/5/2014
130. Love Is Medicine 10/17/2013
131. Love Is Medicine For The Heart 10/17/2013
132. Love Is My Destiny 3/8/2013
133. Love Medicine 10/17/2013
134. Love Will Prevail 6/10/2014
135. Mom 5/9/2014
136. Mom, You Are A Miracle -new- 9/15/2016
137. Mom, You Are More Than Just A Mother’s Day Mother 5/13/2014
138. Morning Star (Dawnica) 7/4/2013
139. Mother’s Butterfly 11/29/2013
140. Motherly Love 8/19/2013
141. Mother's Pee-Pot 3/25/2013
142. Mussel-Bay 8/22/2013
143. My Dad Made It 7/30/2013
144. My Darling 2/25/2013
145. My Dearest Mother 5/8/2013
146. My Desert Rose 3/13/2013
147. My Guardian Angel 2/25/2014
148. My Heart Only Beats For You 1/28/2013
149. My Soul Cries With You 5/15/2013
150. My Spring Dream 9/10/2014
151. My Word Wizard 7/23/2013
152. Nobody Knows What Tomorrow May Hold 5/2/2013
153. Old Aunty Anna’s Illnesses 8/13/2013
154. On A June Night 5/26/2014
155. On The Donkey Cart 7/5/2013
156. On The Ghostly Road 3/7/2013
157. Our Country Is Broken 6/13/2013
158. Peach Blossoms Of The Heart 5/21/2013
159. Predators On The Hunt 2/4/2013
160. Radiant Like A Bride 2/14/2013
Best Poem of Daleen Enslinstrydom

Under The Shade Of The Big Old Oak Tree

Under the shade of the old oak tree Jafta sit
and his mind wanders back as he reflects on his life
while the sun sets in the west.
He is overcome with sorrow to braking point,
he knows his time is running out and that the sun
of his own life is also setting
and that there is no return.

Life was so much easier
when he was stile younger,
yesterday is gone
and it will never return.

His eyes are weary and he looks downhearted,
he does not even see his beloved grassland
and does wonder why life does have to hurt so much?
He gazes into ...

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The Prodigal Son

His mind wanders back to the time of leisure
when he did live as the wealthy son of a lord,
when days were spent lazing around,
filled with all the good life had to offer

but he wanted more,
more than what a county-boy could long for;
he insisted and claimed what he thought
was rightfully his,

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